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Tag type: General


A shirt that is designed to not cover the shoulders.

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 6+girls ajirogasa alternate_headwear american_flag_dress black_hair black_hat black_shirt blonde_hair blush bow braid brown_eyes brown_hair clothes_writing clownpiece cover cover_page detached_sleeves dra earth_(ornament) english eyes_closed gloves hair_bow hair_tubes hakurei_reimu hands_together hat hat_bow hat_ribbon heart hecatia_lapislazuli highres jester_cap junko_(touhou) kirisame_marisa long_sleeves looking_at_another looking_at_viewer moon_(ornament) multicolored multicolored_clothes multicolored_skirt multiple_girls off-shoulder_shirt off_shoulder one_eye_closed open_mouth pink_bow pink_gloves pink_scarf plaid plaid_skirt polka_dot_hat red_bow red_eyes red_hair red_hat red_nose ribbon sack santa_hat scan scarf shirt short_sleeves skirt smile snow sweat touhou white_bow white_ribbon witch_hat yatadera_narumi yellow_eyes  1girl absurdres animal_ears bangs bare_shoulders belt_collar blush book_stack borrowed_character breasts brown_hair cat_ears cat_tail collar collarbone commission fang hand_holding highres hiratsuka_shizuka light_blush long_hair looking_at_another medium_breasts off-shoulder_shirt off_shoulder original red_collar shiromao shirt solo_focus tail yahari_ore_no_seishun_lovecome_wa_machigatteiru. yellow_eyes yuigahama_yui yukinoshita_yukino  1girl abigail_williams_(fate/grand_order) absurdres alternate_costume alternate_hairstyle bag bangs black_bow blonde_hair blue_background blue_shorts blush bow brown_footwear closed_mouth commentary_request fate/grand_order fate_(series) forehead hair_bow hair_bun hair_up handbag head_tilt highres holding holding_bag kopaka_(karda_nui) long_hair long_sleeves looking_away off-shoulder_shirt orange_bow parted_bangs polka_dot polka_dot_bow sandals shirt short_shorts shorts simple_background smile solo standing white_shirt wide_sleeves  1girl black_shirt blush breasts choker eyebrows_visible_through_hair gradient gradient_background hecatia_lapislazuli highres kanpa_(campagne_9) looking_at_viewer medium_hair off-shoulder_shirt off_shoulder polos_crown red_eyes red_hair shirt short_sleeves smile solo teeth touhou  2girls bare_shoulders blush breast_pocket breasts checkered checkered_neckwear coat eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyepatch facing_back fur_collar headgear kantai_collection kotobuki_(momoko_factory) large_breasts looking_at_viewer medium_hair multiple_girls musashi_(kantai_collection) necktie off-shoulder_shirt off_shoulder open_mouth pocket purple_hair remodel_(kantai_collection) shirt sleeveless sleeveless_shirt tenryuu_(kantai_collection) white_shirt yellow_eyes  1girl :d absurdres animal_ears bangs bare_shoulders belt_buckle black_hair black_shorts blue_background blue_footwear blue_nails blush bra breasts buckle cat_ears choker claw_pose cleavage collarbone commentary_request earrings eyebrows_visible_through_hair fake_animal_ears fang fuji_minako full_body glint hair_between_eyes hand_on_hip hand_up head_tilt headset high_heels highres jacket jewelry knees_together_feet_apart legs looking_at_viewer mechanical_ears midriff multicolored multicolored_nails nail_polish navel off-shoulder_shirt off_shoulder open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth original see-through shiny shiny_hair shiny_skin shirt short_hair short_shorts shorts simple_background small_breasts smile solo standing strappy_heels thigh_gap thigh_strap underwear white_belt white_bra white_jacket yellow_eyes yellow_nails yellow_shirt

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