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Tag type: General

A Pokemon that is an alternate_color, but NOT a shiny_pokemon.

—The purple Kecleon from the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series (pokemon_fushigi_no_dungeon)
—The pink Butterfree from the Pokémon anime (pokemon_(anime))
—Not from any official Pokémon media, simply an arbitrary color the artist chose (post #537750)

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Last updated: 01/14/18 10:20 AM by AngryZapdos
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 >_< ;d alternate_color blush commentary_request creature ditto full_body fuujii gen_1_pokemon no_humans not_shiny_pokemon one_eye_closed open_mouth petals pink pink_background pokemon pokemon_(creature) smile traditional_media alternate_color beige_background black_skin charmander claws creature facial_mark fangs fiery_tail fire full_body gen_1_pokemon no_humans nostrils not_shiny_pokemon pokemon pokemon_(creature) simple_background solo standing tail vaughn_pinpin commentary creature excarabu fangs flower full_body gen_1_pokemon hair_over_eyes no_humans not_shiny_pokemon pokemon pokemon_(creature) pun rock slowpoke snow snowing solo winter  2017 alternate_color arms_behind_back creature excarabu fangs full_body gen_1_pokemon gen_2_pokemon hair_over_eyes looking_at_viewer looking_back no_humans not_shiny_pokemon pokemon pokemon_(creature) signature slowbro slowking slowpoke  alternate_color bummerdude creature full_body mega_slowbro no_humans not_shiny_pokemon pokemon pokemon_(creature) slowbro solo  alternate_color creature eevee falling fire flying full_body gen_1_pokemon gen_3_pokemon gen_4_pokemon glitchedpuppet goggles grey_background kecleon no_humans not_shiny_pokemon open_mouth pokemon pokemon_(creature) scared simple_background smoke togekiss tongue tongue_out

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