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Tag type: General

Having particles of food on one's face. Generally a result of sloppy eating.

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Last updated: 01/17/18 7:15 AM by AngryZapdos
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 1girl :t ^_^ ahoge back_bow bangs belt black_legwear blunt_bangs blush bow character_name character_sheet chibi_inset eating elbow_gloves eyes_closed flower food food_on_face gloves hair_flower hair_ornament hairband highres ikari_(aor3507) mimikaki mismatched_legwear navel necktie orange_bow orange_neckwear orange_skirt original pleated_skirt sash seiza short_hair sitting skirt striped striped_legwear thighhighs translation_request vertical-striped_legwear vertical_stripes virtual_youtuber yellow_eyes zoom_layer  1boy 2girls backpack bag beanie black_hair black_shirt blonde_hair dark_skin dark_skinned_male eating eyes_closed floral_print food food_on_face green_eyes green_hair hand_on_own_face hat hau_(pokemon) highres lillie_(pokemon) long_hair malasada mizuki_(pokemon) multiple_girls open_mouth pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_sm ponytail red_hat shirt short_hair short_sleeves skirt sparkle tied_shirt white_shirt white_skirt zuizi  1girl bee_girl black_hair blush covered_navel food food_on_clothes food_on_face food_on_hair from_above hair_between_eyes heart_cutout highres honey insect_girl insect_wings long_sleeves looking_at_viewer one_eye_closed open_mouth original packge ponytail scrunchie sexually_suggestive sitting skin_tight solo striped_leotard suggestive_fluid thighhighs two-tone_legwear wariza wince wings yellow_eyes  1girl :d bag bangs black_legwear blue_eyes bread breasts bright_pupils brown_hair closed_mouth cowboy_shot directional_arrow double_bun eating food food_on_face hair_between_eyes handbag legs_apart long_hair long_sleeves medium_breasts mei_(pokemon) melon_bread navel nyonn24 open_mouth pantyhose pantyhose_under_shorts pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_bw2 raglan_sleeves shorts simple_background smile solo standing stomach tears translation_request twintails visor_cap white_background white_pupils yellow_shorts  1girl :3 blue_eyes blush bow commentary cookie doki_doki_literature_club english_commentary eyebrows_visible_through_hair food food_on_face hair_bow heart heart_in_eye highres natsuki_(doki_doki_literature_club) open_mouth pink_hair red_bow sasoura sayori_(doki_doki_literature_club) school_uniform short_hair solo symbol_in_eye upper_body  1girl arm_behind_back bag bag_charm bird braid brown_eyes brown_hair charm_(object) food food_on_face holding holding_food ice_cream ice_cream_cone ice_cream_on_face looking_back mattaku_mousuke original parrot pov school_bag school_uniform serafuku soft_serve tongue tongue_out twin_braids

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