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Member, graphic artist and illustrator of the visual novel company, Lose, formerly the doujin game circle, PBP.

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Do not confuse with curacuracura

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 1boy 1girl armor black_cape black_pants blue_eyes boots breasts cape capelet character_name cleavage collared_shirt copyright_name covered_navel cura dress_shirt eyebrows_visible_through_hair grey_hair highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon hood hood_down hooded knee_boots long_sleeves looking_at_viewer miniskirt novel_illustration official_art pants pleated_skirt red_capelet red_eyes red_footwear red_hair red_ribbon ribbon shirt short_hair skirt smile standing stomach striped striped_ribbon sword thighhighs v-shaped_eyebrows weapon white_legwear white_shirt white_skirt wing_collar zettai_ryouiki  1boy 3girls :o black_cape black_pants blonde_hair blue_capelet blue_eyes blush cape capelet character_name collarbone cura day eyebrows_visible_through_hair green_neckwear green_ribbon hair_between_eyes hands_together head_out_of_frame highres holding hood hood_down hooded layered_skirt miniskirt multiple_girls neck_ribbon necktie novel_illustration official_art outdoors pants pleated_skirt print_capelet red_hair red_neckwear red_ribbon ribbon sheath sheathed shirt short_hair short_necktie side_ponytail silver_hair skirt smile standing striped striped_ribbon svc_chaos sweatdrop sword thighhighs vertical-striped_pants vertical_stripes weapon white_background white_legwear white_shirt white_skirt zettai_ryouiki  1girl bangs blue_eyes boots character_name cura fighting floating_hair hair_between_eyes highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon jacket long_hair long_sleeves miniskirt novel_illustration official_art open_clothes open_jacket pleated_skirt red_footwear red_hair red_jacket shirt skirt solo sword thighhighs very_long_hair weapon white_legwear white_shirt white_skirt zettai_ryouiki  2girls :d ahoge bangs blue_capelet blue_eyes blue_ribbon blush breasts butterfly_hair_ornament capelet character_name cleavage collared_shirt corset cura day dress_shirt drill_hair eyebrows_visible_through_hair hair_ornament head_tilt highres long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer microphone multiple_girls neck_ribbon novel_illustration official_art open_mouth outdoors ribbon shiny shiny_hair shirt short_hair silver_hair small_breasts smile split_screen twin_drills white_shirt wing_collar 1girl anklet ayakashi_kyoushuutan barefoot bird bird_girl blush branch brown_eyes brown_hair brown_headwear cura day feathers floral_print food fruit full_body goggles goggles_on_head goggles_on_headwear hat highres hiyo_(whisp) holding_branch japanese_clothes jewelry looking_at_viewer monster_girl multicolored_hair orange outdoors porch short_hair smile solo squatting streaked_hair white_hair wide_sleeves 1girl ahoge bangs bare_shoulders blue_eyes blush bodypaint bow breasts calligraphy_brush checkered checkered_background closed_mouth collarbone cura dutch_angle eyebrows_visible_through_hair face_painting facepaint fanbox_reward fingernails hagoita hair_between_eyes hair_bow hand_up hanetsuki highres holding holding_paintbrush japanese_clothes kimono long_hair long_sleeves maitetsu migita_hibiki obi off_shoulder paddle paid_reward paintbrush print_kimono red_bow red_hair red_kimono sash sidelocks small_breasts smile solo wide_sleeves

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