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Tag type: General

Locks formed by the hair growing directly in front of the ears. A given haircut can emphasize or hide them; tag when they are particularly conspicuous.

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 1girl ahoge artoria_pendragon_(all) ass blonde_hair blue_skirt braided_bun fate/stay_night fate_(series) from_above from_behind green_eyes hair_bun hera_(hara0742) high-waist_skirt highres long_sleeves looking_at_viewer looking_back profile saber seiza shirt sidelocks sitting skirt smile solo table tatami translation_request white_shirt  1girl ahoge armor armored_dress artoria_pendragon_(all) blonde_hair braid fate/stay_night fate_(series) french_braid gauntlets gradient gradient_background green_background green_eyes hair_bun hera_(hara0742) highres looking_at_viewer saber sidelocks smile solo  1girl ahoge armor armored_dress artoria_pendragon_(all) blonde_hair blue_background braid breastplate excalibur fate/stay_night fate_(series) french_braid gauntlets green_eyes hera_(hara0742) highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon looking_at_viewer saber sidelocks sword weapon  1girl ahoge armpits arms_behind_head artoria_pendragon_(all) ass blonde_hair blush braid breasts competition_swimsuit covering_navel fate/stay_night fate_(series) french_braid from_behind green_eyes hair_bun hera_(hara0742) highleg highleg_swimsuit highres looking_at_viewer medium_breasts nude one-piece_swimsuit parted_lips red_background saber sidelocks smile sweat swimsuit  >_o +++ /\/\/\ 2girls :d :t ;d awning bag bang_dream! bangs black_legwear blush bowwow_(hamju94) braid bucket comic crying double_scoop eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_closed food green_shirt hair_down hanasakigawa_school_uniform haneoka_school_uniform highres hikawa_hina holding holding_bucket holding_food ice_cream maruyama_aya multiple_girls muted_color necktie notice_lines one_eye_closed open_mouth pants pantyhose pantyhose_under_shorts pink_eyes pink_hair school_bag school_uniform self_shot shirt short_hair short_sleeves sidelocks smile sparkle sweater_vest too_many too_many_scoops translation_request trembling twin_braids twintails twitter white_background yellow_shirt  1boy 1girl ahoge braided_bun breasts censored cowgirl_position fate_(series) girl_on_top green_eyes guided_penetration hair_bun hair_intakes hair_ribbon hera_(hara0742) highres large_breasts looking_back mosaic_censoring nero_claudius_(fate) nero_claudius_(fate)_(all) nude penis red_ribbon ribbon sex sidelocks straddling sweat wavy_mouth

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