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Baroque Works (バロックワークス, Barokku Waakusu) was a criminal group led by Sir_Crocodile in the world of One Piece. Disbanded.

They paired up male and female agents and relied on codenames to keep their operations secret. The lower an agent's number, the higher up in the organization they were.

Top Members:
Mr.0 (Sir_Crocodile) & Miss All-Sunday (Nico_Robin)

Officer Agents:
Mr.1 (Daz_Bones) & Miss Doublefinger (Paula)
Mr.2 (Bon_Clay) (no partner)
Mr.3 (Galdino) & Miss_Goldenweek
Mr.4 (Mister_Four) & Miss_Merry_Christmas
Mr.5 (Mister_Five) & Miss_Valentine

Frontier Agents:
Mr.6 & Miss Mother's Day
Mr.7 (Mister_Seven) & Miss_Father's_Day
Mr.8 (Igaram) & Miss_Monday
Mr.9 (Mister_Nine) & Miss Wednesday (Nefertari_Vivi)
Mr.10 & Miss Tuesday
Mr.11 (Mister_Eleven) & Miss Thursday

The Unluckies:
Mr.13 (Mister_Thirteen) & Miss_Friday


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