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Fire Emblem Heroes (ファイアーエムブレムヒーローズ Faiaa Emuburemu Hiiroozu) is a turn-based strategy mobile app based on the fire_emblem series published by nintendo. It is the series' first step into the mobile platform.

The story revolves around the fight between the Emblian Empire, whose desire is to take over all worlds, and the kingdom of Askr, who opposes them. To fight back, a Summoner capable of summoning heroes from different worlds was called from our world by Anna. As the Summoner, the player must call forth the various heroes of Fire Emblem and devise strategies for them as a tactician.


Kingdom of Askr

Emblian Empire

Ice Kingdom of Nifl

Flame Kingdom of Múspell

Featured Heroes
See List_of_Fire_Emblem_Characters.

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