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Tag type: General

A poke_ball whose two halves are separated, often revealing the ball's hollow interior.

post #231291 (hikari_(pokemon), piplup and an open Poké Ball)

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:d ^_^ artist_name biting blurry brown_eyes closed_mouth dej_(shiori2525) depth_of_field dratini ear_biting eevee eyes_closed fangs gen_1_pokemon gloves highres holding holding_poke_ball jigglypuff looking_at_viewer lying magikarp narongdej_watcharapasorn on_back open_mouth open_poke_ball pikachu poke_ball pokemon pokemon_(creature) poliwag sleeping smile snorlax standing10s 1girl backpack bag baseball_cap belt black_legwear blue_eyes blue_hair breasts brown_gloves cellphone choker claws commentary_request creatures_(company) cropped_jacket fangs female_protagonist_(pokemon_go) fingerless_gloves flying_sweatdrops game_freak gen_1_pokemon gloves hair_between_eyes hat highres leggings long_hair medium_breasts nerokuro nintendo one_eye_closed open_mouth open_poke_ball phone poke_ball poke_ball_symbol pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_go ponytail shoes smartphone smile sneakers snorlax spoken_squiggle squiggle twitter_username20th_century_boys 80s abra absurdres basketball basketball_hoop bellsprout cake campfire candle car chansey charmander couch dive_ball dragonair dumbbell dusk_ball earth eevee english_text fast_ball fish fish_tank food friend_ball gen_1_pokemon great_ball ground_vehicle heal_ball heavy_ball highres hirasawa_yui honey jigglypuff joy_(pokemon) junsaa_(pokemon) k-on! lakitu legendary_pokemon level_ball love_ball lure_ball luxury_ball mantine marill mario_(series) mario_kart master_ball meat mew minimized moon moon_ball motor_vehicle nest_ball net net_ball nintendo no_humans oddish oldschool onsen open_poke_ball paras pikachu poke_ball pokemon pokemon_(creature) potty premier_ball quick_ball repeat_ball rhydon ruun_(abcdeffff) safari_ball snorlax space squirtle star_(sky) super_mario_bros. television tent timer_ball tonari_no_totoro tree ultra_ball underwater vehicle water00s 10s 90s bird bulbasaur charmander chespin chikorita chimchar claws creature cyndaquil ditb everyone fang fennekin froakie gen_1_pokemon gen_2_pokemon gen_3_pokemon gen_4_pokemon gen_5_pokemon gen_6_pokemon highres mudkip no_humans number open_poke_ball oshawott piplup pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_bw pokemon_dppt pokemon_gsc pokemon_rgby pokemon_rse pokemon_xy shell signature snivy squirtle tail tepig torchic totodile treecko turtwigberries gen_1_pokemon gun minimized no_humans open_poke_ball pikachu poke_ball pokemon pokemon_(creature) pond rifle ruun_(abcdeffff) safari safari_ball skull sprout tent weapon1girl bunny cloud earth full_moon gen_1_pokemon joy_(pokemon) minimized moon moon_ball night open_poke_ball pikachu poke_ball pokemon pokemon_(creature) ruun_(abcdeffff) space star torii

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