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Tag type: General

A piercing of the lip, typically of the bottom one. Variations can include single studs and curved barbells oriented vertically or horizontally.

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 1girl black_nails brown_eyes brown_hair chin_rest commentary_request daluto_(hitomi555) ear_piercing eyebrow_piercing eyelid_piercing highres hood hood_down hooded_track_jacket hoodie indian_style industrial_piercing jacket labret_piercing long_hair looking_at_viewer nail_polish original piercing simple_background sitting sleeves_past_wrists solo track_jacket white_background  1girl absurdres alternate_breast_size alternate_hair_color ankh ankh_necklace architecture areolae artist_name asymmetrical_bangs ayya_saparniyazova bangs black_choker black_hair black_jacket black_neckwear blurry blurry_background blush braid breasts cannon choker closed_mouth collarbone depth_of_field earrings eyebrows eyelashes eyeshadow fingernails freckles gothic_architecture hand_on_own_thigh highres holding holding_weapon indoors jacket jacket_off_shoulders jewelry jinx_(league_of_legends) labret_piercing league_of_legends legs_crossed light_particles lips lipstick long_fingernails long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer makeup medium_breasts nail_polish navel navel_piercing necklace nipple_piercing nipples nose_piercing nose_ring patreon_username piercing pink_eyes purple_eyeshadow purple_hair purple_lips purple_lipstick ring riot_games rocket_launcher signature smile solo tattoo twin_braids two-tone_jacket weapon window yellow_jacket  1girl bodysuit circlet claymore commentary dark_background eyelashes highres labret_piercing lips long_hair looking_at_viewer miawrly monochrome original parted_lips pauldrons piercing realistic silver_eyes solo teeth upper_body white_bodysuit white_hair 1girl absurdres aquas_(artist) artist_name ass bangs bare_shoulders bdsm black_gloves black_legwear black_panties blue_hair bondage bound butt_crack character_name corset elbow_gloves eyeshadow garter_straps gloves hair_in_mouth highres konan labret_piercing looking_at_viewer looking_back lowleg lowleg_panties makeup naruto_(series) naruto_shippuuden panties purple_eyes resized rope rose_tattoo solo tattoo thighhighs underwear upscaled waifu2x1girl arm_tattoo artist_name bandeau black_hair breasts breasts_apart cleavage collarbone cowboy_shot earrings english_text erect_nipples grey_background groin hand_on_hip hand_up hip_bones hip_focus holding jewelry kishishiotani labret_piercing legs_apart lip_piercing lipstick long_hair looking_at_viewer makeup medium_breasts multicolored_hair navel original parted_lips piercing pink_eyes pink_hair plectrum simple_background slender_waist solo strapless strapless_bikini tattoo thighs two-tone_hair underboob underwear wavy_hair yellow_background 1girl areola_slip areolae ball_gag between_legs black_footwear blue_pants blush boots bracelet breast_suppress breast_tattoo breasts chains character_name chest_tattoo cross-laced_footwear crying_with_eyes_open dripping flame_print gag gagged gas_mask genderswap genderswap_(mtf) hand_between_legs highres holding holding_weapon huge_breasts jewelry knee_pads labret_piercing lace-up_boots looking_at_viewer mask mask_around_neck navel no_panties no_shirt overwatch pants pointy_shoes roadhog_(overwatch) saliva shoes sitting solo spiked_bracelet spikes stomach sweat tattoo tire unbuckled underboob unzipped weapon weapon_on_back white_hair xiao_duzi yellow_eyes

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