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Tag type: Artist

Artist. Formerly known as Yatarou_(zombie_worker) or jirousan21.

Japanese name: ポゼ助 (Pozesuke)
Old names for SFW art: ヤタロウ or 弥太郎 Yatarou)
Circle name: 蓮川堂 (Hasukawa Dou, the artist uses this spelling: "HASÜKAWA DOÜ")
Old circle name: ZOMBIE WORKER (ゾンビワーカー)

Pixiv sketch:
Niconico community:
Niconico Seiga:
Twitter (SFW):

Twitpic account (server stopped):
Old stickam account:
Old pixiv account (deleted):
Old twitter account (deleted):
Old NSFW twitter (suspended):
Old niconico MyList (deleted):
Drawr account (unconfirmed):

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 1girl animal_ears animated animated_gif armor bangs boar boar_ears brown_hair commentary_request forest fur_trim gauntlets japanese_boar_(kemono_friends) kemono_friends nature pozesuke rolling short_hair sitting sleeveless thighhighs tree 2girls :q animal_ears blush cum futanari grass_wonder grey_background horse_ears implied_futanari multicolored_hair multiple_girls pozesuke school_uniform simple_background special_week thighhighs tongue tongue_out umamusume zettai_ryouiki2girls animal_ears cum futa_with_female futanari green_eyes horse_ears horse_tail instant_loss_2koma mating_press multicolored_hair multiple_girls orange_hair pozesuke silence_suzuka special_week tail translated umamusumeanimal_ears cum_on_object full-package_futanari futanari highres horse_ears horse_penis horse_tail masturbation multicolored_hair orgasm penis pozesuke school_uniform solo special_week tail translated umamusume 2girls ahegao animal_ears full-package_futanari futa_with_female futanari haru_urara_(umamusume) horse_ears horse_penis horse_tail multicolored_hair multiple_girls pozesuke special_week umamusume 2girls androgynous bar_censor blue_eyes blue_hair blush censored cowboy_shot decensor_request dot_nose dress dress_lift flaccid foreskin full-package_futanari futanari green_eyes kumoi_ichirin lifted_by_self multiple_girls murasa_minamitsu necktie nun one_eye_closed peeing penis phimosis pointless_censoring pozesuke sailor self_exposure smile source_request standing steam testicles touhou wink

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