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Tag type: Artist

Japanese artist who mainly draws femdom doujins.

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1boy 1girl akaimato barefoot bdsm bed blue_eyes blush breasts chastity_belt choker clothed_female_nude_male cum feet femdom leash long_hair looking_at_viewer lying nude open_clothes open_mouth open_shirt penis penis_cage pink_hair shirt sitting sitting_on_person smile spread_legs straddling testicles thighhighs 1girl akaimato blue_eyes bodysuit breasts fake_screenshot gundam gundam_zz nipples one_eye_closed orange_hair pilot_suit purple_eyes puru_two short_hair small_breasts super_robot_wars torn_clothes  1girl akaimato bdsm bikini blonde_hair blue_eyes breasts detached_sleeves erect_nipples large_breasts long_hair micro_bikini nipples original solo_focus swimsuit  1girl akaimato bikini blonde_hair blue_eyes breasts collar large_breasts leash long_hair open_clothes open_shirt original shirt sitting skirt solo swimsuit thighhighs aftersex ahoge akaimato blonde_hair blush breasts censored chastity_belt femdom green_eyes hoshii_miki idolmaster key large_breasts long_hair penis pov smile sweat translation_requestaftersex ahoge akaimato blonde_hair blush breasts censored chastity_belt face femdom green_eyes hoshii_miki idolmaster large_breasts long_hair penis pov smile sweat translation_request

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