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Redundant tag. Use android.

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 2girls android ariane_yeong bed black_hair cyberpunk elster_(signalis) highres hug joints metal_skin multiple_girls robot_girl short_hair signalis white_hair yuri yuulinshi
 1girl arcee autobot blue_eyes chamba gun handgun helmet high_heels humanoid_robot insignia metal_skin paid_reward_available red_lips robot robot_girl science_fiction solo transformers weapon
 1girl abraham_perez arcee autobot blue_eyes gun handgun helmet humanoid_robot insignia metal_skin panties pink_panties red_lips robot robot_girl science_fiction solo thighs transformers transformers:_generation_1 underwear weapon
 1girl android blue_eyes blue_sclera blue_tongue clothed_robot colored_sclera colored_tongue dia_(world_flipper) humanoid_robot joints kuruton486 mechanical_skirt metal_skin robot robot_girl robot_joints solo speaker world_flipper
 1girl absurdres airplane_wing armor blue_eyes breasts high_heels highres humanoid_robot mechanical_wings medium_breasts metal_skin red_lips robot robot_girl shoulder_armor sitting snowii_arts solo transformers windblade wings
 2girls android ariane_yeong awwxhf black_hair blue_eyes camisole cyberpunk elster_(signalis) highres i_prefer_girls joints long_hair metal_skin multiple_girls parody red_eyes robot_girl robot_joints science_fiction short_hair signalis smile white_hair yuri

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