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ArtStation is an online platform for artists to upload and showcase their work. It is one of the newest sources of images for Gelbooru.

This page will describe how to upload from ArtStation, in addition to how to handle new artist entries in the case an entry doesn't already exist for the artist you're uploading a work from.

As ArtStation is still new, it is important to read these instructions carefully. One of the peculiar intricacies about ArtStation is that the download button is misleading and does not download the actual, full and original image. The original images are kept hidden to mitigate bandwidth costs.


ArtStation has reduced-size versions of its images known as artstation_samples, none of which should be uploaded here.

To find the full image URL, you must manually alter part of the image URL (typically /large/) to /original/. If the /original/ returns a file not found error, then the /large/ image is accepted as the original.

Where an /original/ does exist:

Where an /original/ does not exist:

Change the source from the direct image URL to the HTML URL of the work. Do not link to a the artwork entry that begins with www (use *** rather than It should look like the following:

Using this method we are able to detect the artist name if it is listed in an artist entry. You can obverse that the alternative URL structure is simply borrowed from this one by comparing them. In spite of the fact that an artist can change their subdomain at anytime, using the subdomain is still preferred since the alternate URL can be made by just restructuring it.

3. Use the artist tag detected under Related Tags, if there is one. If there is none, you may refer to the rest of this article on how to choose an artist name and make an entry for them.

4. Remember to tag (See: howto:tag) the rest of your upload and follow the rest of the procedures under howto:upload.

Artist naming and entry

If there are no other active accounts on which an artist posts, the name listed in their profile will usually be sufficient for their artist name. If their ArtStation account has been found linked from one their other accounts such as DeviantArt or Pixiv than their ArtStation URLs (seen below) should be appended to their existing artist entry. See "Artist tagging help":/forum_topics/8199 thread if you are unsure or think an artist name should be changed.

There are two URLs for an ArtStation artist that should be included in their artist entry list of URLs. One starts with www and the other is a customization subdomain. Unlike Pixiv however direct links to images should not be included. Below is an example for one artist:

Note: Artists on ArtStation are able to edit their usernames on the site. When this happens both the above URLs will change and should subsequently be added to their artist entry, however the old ones should not be removed.

Sometimes an artists other accounts may be listed in the About subheading on their ArtStation profile. This could help find an existing artist entry or should be appended to the artist's URL list.

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