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Tinami is a Japanese online community for artists. It is a minor source of images for Gelbooru.

This page will describe how to upload from tinami, in addition to how to handle new artist entries in the case an entry doesn't already exist for the artist you're uploading a work from.


Uploading from Tinami requires downloading the image to your local machine, then uploading it using the file function from the uploads page.

After uploading the image, edit the source so that it points to the original post page and not the image link (ex: This will make it easier to find the artist and the original post that picture came from.

Artist naming

Before creating a new artist, search for an existing artist entry using the following steps:

1. Search for the artist Tinami profile URL (ex:

2. Search for any other URL from the artist's Tinami profile using the method in 1 above.

3. Use "SauceNAO":[] or "IQDB":( to see if any of artist's thumbnail images turn up any hits for Gelbooru. Note: Thumnail images do not have the same restrictions as regular image links, which is why this work.
* See Help:Image_Source for more help on reverse-image search engines.
* Use thumbnail images from the artists gallery and not their profile, as the profile thumbnails get cropped.
** This:
** Not this:

4. Create a new artist entry.

* See Howto:Artist for more information.
* Ask for help in if you are unsure.

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