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Tag type: Artist


Status: Active
Other Names: K-ta
Location: Japan



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Last updated: 10/15/18 10:34 AM by surveyork
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1girl ass breasts bug butterfly dress frilled_dress frilled_skirt frills from_behind half-closed_eyes hips huge_ass insect k-ta large_breasts legs long_hair looking_back overlord_(maruyama) panties parted_lips red_eyes shalltear_bloodfallen skirt slit_pupils solo thick_thighs thighhighs thighs twintails underwear upside-down vampire very_long_hair white_hair white_legwear white_panties wide_hips\r\n wind wind_lift1girl ainz_ooal_gown blush braid breasts dark_skin feet frills hetero k-ta large_breasts lupusregina_beta lying maid masturbation nail_polish navel no_bra no_panties no_underwear on_back open_clothes open_mouth overlord_(maruyama) pussy_juice pussy_juice_trail red_nails single_foot skeletal_leg skeleton spread_legs sweat tearing_up tears thighhighs white_legwear yellow_eyes 1girl 2boys :q ahoge ainz_ooal_gown aura_bella_fiora bird blonde_hair blue_eyes blush brown_gloves commentary_request cookie croissant doughnut eating food fork gloves grass green_eyes heterochromia holding holding_fork hood hood_up k-ta lich mare_bello_fiore multiple_boys necromancer overlord_(maruyama) pancake parrot plate pointy_ears short_hair skeleton skull smile table tongue tongue_out vest white_gloves white_vest  1boy black_gloves black_hair blood character_name copyright_name demiurge earrings formal glasses gloves grin hair_slicked_back jewelry k-ta male_focus necktie overlord_(maruyama) pinstripe_suit pointy_ears red_neckwear red_suit skull smile striped suit tail  1boy alternate_costume belt black_belt black_gloves black_hair black_suit demiurge earrings formal glasses gloves hair_slicked_back jewelry k-ta male_focus necktie overlord_(maruyama) pointy_ears red_neckwear reflection smile suit tail  2boys ainz_ooal_gown black_gloves black_hair demiurge earrings formal glasses gloves hair_slicked_back hand_kiss jewelry k-ta kiss multiple_boys necktie overlord_(maruyama) pointy_ears profile red_suit ring smile suit

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