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山田 たえ

A young woman/zombie with long dark hair and pale skin. She is Zombie 0 of the idol group that would be known as Franchouchou in Zombie_land_Saga and is the most zombie-like out of all the main characters, to the point that she's only able to communicate with groans. She operates on base instincts, often biting anything that strikes her fancy. Her two favorite things to bite are dried squid and and her fellow idol Konno Junko. In spite of these setbacks, she still plays a key role in the group's performances and is still able to learn how to dance properly and manages to bond with the others in her own way. One of her most important contributions to Franchouchou was coming up with its name, something she did unintentionally and unknowingly; Hoshikawa Lily came up with the name upon hearing Tae sneeze. However, as she spends more time with the group, she gradually develops mentally and starts to imitate the other girls' and even the dog Romero's actions. She is the only character whose background is a complete mystery to the others.

She functions as one of the main comedic relief characters of the main cast. In many shots, she will often be seen doing something humorous in the background or off to the side.

For the first two episodes, she was credited as ?, and the voice actress's identity was kept a secret by the staff, going as far as covering her seiyuu's face in group photos. In the third episode, her voice actress was revealed to be Mitsuishi_Kotono, who is notably the oldest, most experienced and most famous seiyuu of the main cast even though she's playing a character who essentially doesn't talk. She also happens to be from Saga, the same area that the main characters are trying to save. As Tae is unable to coherently talk, Mitsuishi is the only seiyuu out of the main female cast who doesn't sing or participate in live concerts.

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