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An anime director/animator/character and mecha designer born on January 24, 1966. He is most famous for his extensive work on mecha anime, both in designing mechs and directing mecha anime. He is famous for frequently having his mechs strike a specific fighting stance where the mech will brandish a sword with the sword being positioned in a way that it's closer to the viewer, making it look especially large. Outside of mechs, he is known for his busty female character designs. He began his career as an animator at Ashi Production in 1985, just after he graduated from high school. Soon after joining, he was put to work on mecha anime like Tokusou Kihei Dorvack and Sei Juushi Bismarck. He made his breakthrough as a mecha designer with Dancouga. In 1993, he left the studio to found his own animation studio, Studio G-1 alongside Nakazawa_Kazuto, Yamane_Masahiro, Nakayama_Takehiro, and Ishida_Atsuko. Ishida was his first wife, but the two later divorced. Studio G-1 lasted until 2000, when it was disbanded and reformed as Studio G-1 Neo.

He is high school friends with fellow animator Urushihara_Satoshi who he credits for inspiring him in pursuing animation as a career; the two of them worked on Bubblegum Crisis together. His younger brother Oobari Takami is also involved in the entertainment industry as the president and CEO of New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Oobari married professional model maker Togasaki Ritsu in 2016.

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