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平沢 唯

Yui is the lead guitar player in K-on!. She has brown hair with hair clip in it.

She is a ditzy and perpetually cheerful teen girl who easily gets distracted. In spite of these flaws, she learns how to play a guitar surprisingly quickly for a newbie and is an all around friendly person, being very fond of hugging people, especially Azusa. Along with Mio, she sings After School Tea Time's songs. She is the older sister of Ui and is Manabe Nodoka's childhood friend. She also has the biggest sweet tooth in the series, a fact which is mercilessly exploited by her friends whenever they want her to do something. In spite of this, she never gets fat, which her friends are envious of.

Her cup size is B, her blood type is O, she weighs 50kg (110 lbs), and is 156cm tall (5'1)

She is voiced by Toyosaki_Aki.

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