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A single, involuntary reflex where the lungs fully inhale and sharply exhale through the mouth and nose to eject parasites and dust from the breathing system. Can be caused by disease and irritating dust. Differs from a cough, which is only through the mouth and is used to clear the airway, a sneeze is more like scratching an itch inside the nose.

Japanese folklore says that you sneeze when someone is talking about you behind your back.

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 bar bow bowtie comic greyscale highres kishida_shiki monochrome multicolored_hair original personification pipes ponytail saloon saloon_doors school_uniform short_hair sign sneezing streaked_hair wood_gradient_hair  1boy 3girls admiral_(kantai_collection) ahoge ark_royal_(kantai_collection) bob_cut braid commentary_request crown double_bun eyes_closed french_braid hairband headgear jewelry kantai_collection kongou_(kantai_collection) long_hair mini_crown monochrome multiple_girls necklace short_hair signature sneezing spiked_hair tiara translation_request upper_body warspite_(kantai_collection) yamada_rei_(rou)  ! !? >_< +++ ... /\/\/\ 4boys 6+girls :3 :d =3 ?? \n/ absurdres afterimage alternate_hair_length alternate_hairstyle angry apron arm_around_neck arm_behind_back arms_up artist_name bangs beamed_eighth_notes beauty_(zoza) bell blonde_hair blouse blue_blouse blue_eyes blue_hair blunt_bangs blush_stickers bobblehat boots bow bowing breath broken_eyewear brother_and_sister brown_eyes cellphone character_name cheek-to-cheek christmas_tree clock closed_mouth clothes_grab coat combat_boots comic commentary concert couple crazy_(zoza) crop_top cross-laced_footwear crowd crown cup directional_arrow disposable_cup domino_mask donut_(zoza) double_\n/ dress drinking_straw earmuffs eighth_note emphasis_lines eyes_closed fangs feathers fingerless_gloves fireworks flower flying_sweatdrops frown fur-trimmed_coat fur-trimmed_dress fur-trimmed_gloves fur-trimmed_shirt fur-trimmed_shorts fur_trim fusion glasses gloom_(expression) gloves goggles goggles_on_head green_bow green_eyes green_hair green_hat green_jacket grey_coat grey_gloves grey_hair grey_shirt hair_flower hair_ornament hand_holding hand_on_another's_shoulder hand_on_own_cheek hat heart hetero highres hime_(splatoon) holding holding_cellphone holding_jacket holding_microphone holding_phone iida_(splatoon) imagining incredibly_absurdres inkling jacket jewelry lace-up_boots lantern laughing light_smile lightning_bolt long_hair long_image long_sleeves looking_at_another makeup mascara mask medium_hair microphone mole mole_under_mouth motion_blur motion_lines multiple_boys multiple_girls musical_note notice_lines octoling omikuji one_eye_closed opaque_glasses open_mouth orange_eyes orange_hair paper_lantern partially_colored pencil_skirt phone phonograph pointing pointing_at_self pointing_up pointy_ears pudding_(zoza) purple_eyes purple_hair purple_jacket purple_mittens pushing quarter_note reaching rectangular_eyewear ring round_eyewear samurai_(zoza) sane_(zoza) scarf school_uniform scrunchie serafuku shared_scarf shirt short_dress short_hair siblings sigh signature silent_comic sitting skirt sleeveless sleeveless_dress smartphone smile sneezing sparkle speaker spill splatoon splatoon_(series) splatoon_2 spoken_ellipsis spoken_exclamation_mark spotlight standing steam suction_cups surprised sweatdrop table tall_image tearing_up tears temple tentacle_hair time topknot torii turntable waist_apron walking washing_machine wedding_ring white_gloves white_hair white_jacket window winter_clothes writing yellow_coat yellow_dress yellow_eyes yellow_gloves yellow_hat zipper_pull_tab zoza  >_< 2girls blue_hair blue_hakama blush brown_hair eyes_closed hakama hakama_skirt highres houshou_(kantai_collection) japanese_clothes kantai_collection kimono long_hair multiple_girls nantoka_maru ponytail runny_nose ryuujou_(kantai_collection) sneezing snot tissue_box translation_request twintails visor_cap  >_< 6+girls animal_ears apron bare_tree black_skirt black_vest blonde_hair blue_hair broom brown_hair cat_ears chen cirno comic daiyousei from_above from_behind green_hair green_scarf hat hat_with_ears holding holding_broom inubashiri_momiji kirisame_marisa looking_at_another medium_hair mob_cap moyazou_(kitaguni_moyashi_seizoujo) multiple_girls o_o open_mouth pink_mittens pink_scarf playground pointing scarf side_ponytail sideways_glance skirt sneezing snow snowman standing tabard touhou translation_request tree vest waist_apron walking wings witch_hat wolf_ears yakumo_ran  1girl absurdres ahoge bangs black_gloves black_legwear black_serafuku blue_eyes blue_sky blush braid breasts brown_hair cannon cloud commentary_request day eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_closed fingerless_gloves firing full_body gloves gun hair_between_eyes hair_flaps hair_ornament hair_over_shoulder hair_ribbon hairclip highres holding kantai_collection kneehighs machinery medium_breasts neckerchief numpopo ocean open_mouth outdoors pleated_skirt red_neckwear remodel_(kantai_collection) ribbon rigging school_uniform serafuku shigure_(kantai_collection) single_braid skirt sky sneezing solo standing torpedo torpedo_tubes translation_request turret water weapon

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