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Tag type: Copyright

pia_carrot_e_youkoso!!_3 is part of pia_carrot_e_youkoso!! which is part of pia_carrot_(series)

This user uploaded the following images: post #471980, post #471869, post #471868, post #471779, post #471849, post #471852, post #471859, post #471860, post #471861, and post #471774. 100% of them were first tagged as "3 carrot pia" or "3 pia_carrot" (sometimes along with one or more general tags, character tags, and artist tags). This is part of the phenomenon on this website were users uploaded about 20 to 1000 images, all or mostly without using the underscore character to correctly tag the images. More than 4 users have done this; the uploads are bot-like. By the sole reason that the tags "3 carrot pia" probably meant to be "pia_carrot_3" the tags "3" and "number" (an implication of the tag "3") were replaced with "pia_carrot_e_youkoso!!_3". One year prior to the aforewritten changes all of those 10 posts were tagged with "pia_carrot_e_youkoso!!" and "pia_carrot_(series)".

This user uploaded post #476888, post #476887, and post #476886. For some reason these posts also had "3" and "number" (without any number 3 in the images as was the case with oker's uploads); these tags were also reasonably replaced with "pia_carrot_e_youkoso!!_3". One year prior to the aforewritten changes all of those 3 posts were tagged with "pia_carrot_e_youkoso!!", "pia_carrot_e_youkoso!!_3", and "pia_carrot_(series)".

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