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A secret boss in the third Installment of Dark Souls. Hidden away in a place Known as Archdragon Peak, The Nameless King, according to lore, is the First child born by Lord Gwyn of Sunlight, making him the eldest child of Gwyn's kin, the next eldest being Gwynevere, princess of Sunlight, and finally Dark Sun Gwyndolin as the youngest child of Gwyn officially (Putting aside theories of Company Captain Yorshka, Princess Filianore and others).

Nameless King was once highly regarded by his father Gwyn in battle against Dragons, but once his son sympathized with the Dragons he was sworn to fend off, and then soon sided with them, he was look down upon by Father Gwyn, stripped of his god status, then was casted out of Anor Londo, the place he one called home, separating family.

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 6+boys abyss_watcher alternate_costume beard belt black_belt character_request commentary_request crown dark_souls_iii eyebrows_visible_through_hair face_mask facial_hair forest formal gargoyle gloves helmet highres hood hooded_jacket jacket long_hair looking_at_viewer lorian_(elder_prince) lothric_(younger_prince) male_focus mask multiple_boys nameless_king nature necktie outdoors pants peach_luo pontiff_sulyvahn red_scarf scarf soul_of_cinder souls_(from_software) tree white_gloves white_hair yellow_eyes  1girl 2boys black_cloak cloak company_captain_yorshka covered_eyes crown dark_skin dark_souls dark_souls_iii dark_sun_gwyndolin green_eyes grey_hair hug jewelry long_hair mask multiple_boys nameless_king red_eyes smile souls_(from_software) spikes upper_body white_hair  3boys assisted_exposure bare_shoulders beard blush bridal_gauntlets chinese_commentary choker commentary_request crossdressing crown dark_souls dark_sun_gwyndolin dress dress_lift facial_hair garter_belt garter_straps gloves gwyn_lord_of_cinder helmet highres lace lace-trimmed_dress lace-trimmed_gloves lace-trimmed_legwear lips looking_to_the_side multiple_boys nameless_king nipple_slip nipples panties parted_lips shaded_face shawl simple_background smile snake solo_focus souls_(from_software) spikes strapless strapless_dress thighhighs thighs trap triangle underwear veil white_background white_dress white_hair white_legwear white_panties x2x2x2x2x2x2x  1girl absurdres bandage bandaged_hands bandages belt belt_buckle bow bracelet buckle cloak covered_mouth crown dark_souls dark_souls_iii dragon embers fog glowing glowing_eyes glowing_weapon grey_hair hair_bow highres holding holding_spear holding_weapon jewelry lightning medium_hair nameless_king necklace polearm rock scratches skirt snow7a souls_(from_software) spear standing torn_cloak torn_clothes weapon white_hair yellow_eyes  1girl antweiyi black_skirt blonde_hair blue_cape bracer brown_eyes cape crown dark_souls feathers flat_chest highres holding_spear looking_at_viewer midriff nameless_king polearm skirt solo souls_(from_software) spear standing weapon  6+boys 6+girls alfred_(bloodborne) alvina_of_the_darkroot_wood armor bags_under_eyes bald beard blonde_hair bloodborne blue_eyes breasts brown_eyes brown_hair cat cleavage collar commentary company_captain_yorshka covered_eyes crossed_arms crossover crown dark_souls dark_sun_gwyndolin dragon_slayer_ornstein eileen_the_crow emlan english_text facial_hair fake_screenshot full_armor fur_trim granblue_fantasy hair_over_one_eye helmet_over_eyes highres hood iosefka lady_maria_of_the_astral_clocktower large_breasts laurentius_of_the_great_swamp long_sideburns looking_at_viewer looking_away lorian_(elder_prince) lothric_(younger_prince) mask mask_over_one_eye mole mole_on_breast multiple_boys multiple_girls nameless_king no_eyebrows orbeck_of_vinheim parody patches_the_hyena plague_doctor_mask plain_doll pointy_ears ponytail priscilla_the_crossbreed queen_of_sunlight_gwynevere robe scarf scarf_over_mouth slug smile smirk solaire_of_astora souls_(from_software) sweet_shalquoir torn_clothes veil white_hair white_skin yellow_eyes

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