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Basic Rules

Only 18+ people allowed; if you aren't 18 years or older, please leave the server. Do not obstruct staff from investigating violations of this rule by warning users about it. If a member of staff asks your age and you do not answer, you will be removed from the server.

If someone is breaking these rules or otherwise being a nuisance, please ping the @Staff role, not an individual staff member.

Don't harrass other users, in DMs or otherwise.

Keep NSFW images in #nsfw-general (If it would be rated questionable or explicit on Gelbooru, it doesn't belong in #general).

Do not hornypost in SFW channels. If you do, your access to SFW channels will be restricted.

Do not spam @s. Once is enough to get the attention of mods/admins.

Do not be obnoxious. Including, but not limited to, acting like a child, pinging a user then deleting the ping, etc.

Do not post illegal material.

Do not post spoilers.

Do not post jumpscares.

Do not post invite links for any reason.

Do not discuss politics.

If you absolutely must share selfies, please keep it to DMs. This is not your blog.

Do not use our Discord server for roleplay. You can post requests for RP in #rp-requests, but please take the actual RP elsewhere.

Feel free to suggest a channel, but do not demand.

If a mod or an admin tells you to stop doing it, stop doing it.

Refrain from spamming images in #general. (5 or so images is fine, 20+ is not)

When linking images from Gelbooru, do not use direct links. Instead, link to the post page so that users can find information such as the artist, source, etc.

Do not impersonate site staff or Discord staff.

NSFW avatars and emoji are a violation of Discord's ToS. Users who have NSFW avatars or use NSFW emoji will be removed from the server.

Do not use bot commands to mute yourself. Doing so will result in a 24 hour mute.

Breaking these rules will result in punishment in the form of timeout from being able to post or speak, kicks, and if necessary bans.

NSFW Rules

Do not harrass other users about their taste in porn. ("X a shit" is fine, "X a shit and everyone who likes X should die" is not)

Do not post scat porn

Do not post extreme guro (If you're unsure if it's extreme, post without embedding ie <linkgoeshere>)

Do not post realistic (or real) bestiality images or videos

Do not post loli or shota as it is against Discord's ToS. Abusing the bots to post said content will be treated as if you posted it yourself. If you have to ask, don't post it.

If you find something distasteful, do not get into a screaming match about it

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