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Tagging is one of the most important jobs on Gelbooru, and should be done meticulously.

By tagging an image with keywords which describe the content, users are able to search for images featuring a specific character or theme. Detailed and specialized tagging is what helps make Boorus become an anime-art database, instead of just a huge collection only good enough for casual browsing.

If you have any trouble or issue with tagging, please create a thread in the Forum to ask.

Rule of Thumb:

Tag what you see. In other words, only tag the visual and factual elements in the image. For example, images where the full moon is prominently depicted will have a full_moon tag. Ideally you should use an existing tag on Gelbooru. It is always advisable to research copyrights and the associated characters before tagging.

Do not use subjective_tags (such as sexy, cute, hot, etc). These tags are problematic because they based on personal opinion, and different opinions can conflict. Images based on a subjective theme can be collected into a pool instead..

Minimal Tagging Criteria:

Artist. Use artist_request if the artist is not known.

Character. All featured characters must be positively identified. Use character_request if a character is not known.

Copyright. Indicate from which series the characters came from.
*The original tag is used for art that is not based on any established works (anime, game, manga, movie).

Source. The original URL the image was taken from must be provided. If there's no URL, indicate by words from where the material came from (i.e. name of the doujinshi, name of artbook, imageboard, etc)

Rating. Sexual materials must be indicated according to howto:rate.

Spoilers. Some images are spoilers themselves, and must be declared with the spoilers tag.

General Tags:

Basically describe the image in keywords.

Remember there are a lot users who are not familiar with a character or a copyright, and thus these basic tags will enable everyone to recognize and search for images without those knowledge:

* Character's features: hair length, hair color, hair style, decorations on head (hat, hair_ornament, hair_ribbon,...), eyes color, and recognizable special attributes.
* Expression: smile, sad, depressed, embarrassed,...
* Actions.
* Objects: cloud, night_sky, tea_cup, gun, dildo,...
* Time of day

Commonly Blacklisted Tags:

The following must be tagged to allow viewers to blacklist images on demand:

* Peeing, more commonly known as 'urine' or 'urination'.
* Vomit
* Guro
* Yaoi, Male
* Furry
* Spoilers. Repeated, due to its importance.

Missing Information

Source_request, if the source of the image (URL) is not known

Tagme, if anything else, including copyright is not known. This includes items and weapons characters are seen wielding, or exotic accessories they are wearing.

Tag Consistency and Integrity:

Please double-check your tags on the left side of the screen after applying them. If you have any tags with a total count of 1, a new tag has been created. Most of the, time tag creation on Gelbooru is not necessary. If this happens, please check that your tags have been correctly spelled.

Use Gelbooru's Existing Tags:

Please use Gelbooru's existing tags. Gelbooru may use translated or native titles when naming copyrights and characters, so always double check.

Use of Translated and Native titles for Copyrights is quite unpredictable on Gelbooru. Below are examples of the unpredictable use of Native and English translated titles for copyright tags on Gelbooru. Note that Gelbooru was founded in 2007, according to the age of Post #1, Compare this to the initial English release of the following internationally licensed copyrights.

* Original Title Used:
** Bishoujo_Senshi_Sailor_Moon, not Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
** Higurashi_ni_Naku_Koro_Ni, not Higurashi When They Cry
** Hayate_no_Gotoku!, not Hayate the Combat Butler

* English Title Used:
** Neon_Genesis_Evangelion, not Shin Seiki Evangelion
** Pokemon, not Pocket Monsters
** Vampire_Princess_Miyu, not Kyuuketsuki Miyu

* Native English Subtitle Used:
** Imperishable_Night, not Touhou Eiyashou
** Mountain_of_Faith, not Touhou Fuujinroku
** Exception: Touhou_Hisoutensoku, due to lack of an offical English subtitle.

Creating a New Tag:

Roman Characters Only. Use only characters and symbols easily accessible from Roman Keyboards, like the US QWERTY keyboard. Keep to the basic punctuation symbols, especially for emoticons and romanize all names.

Punctuation mark: Tags may contain any punctuation mark, except:

* asterisk * (used as a wildcard)
* space (internally used as tag separator, replaced with underscore _ .)

Tag Types:

* Artist names carry the prefix artist:
* Character names carry the prefix character:
* Copyright titles carry the prefix copyright:
* General tags are normally not prefixed at all, because all tags without a prefix are by default automatically assumed to be general:

Use singular nouns. This especially concerns tags about objects which appear multiple times in an image. Under all circumstances, use the singular for the object. If an image contains a bin full of wispberries, tag it wispberry. This greatly simplifies searching and tagging.

Resolving Ambiguities with Qualifiers. If the tag you are going to use had already been taken up for another purpose (other character with the same name, character with the same name as an object, character and series have the same name, etc.), add a qualifier between () to distinguish them.

For example, Black Rock Shooter is both the OVA name and the female protagonist's name.

* black_rock_shooter is used for the copyright.
* black_rock_shooter_(character) is used to indicate the female protagonist.

New Character Tags. Use the character's full name, or their most common alias, as the tag (ie. harry_potter instead of harry_james_potter). The name order should match the original media, which is most commonly:
* FamilyName_FirstName for Asians. Example: Shameimaru_Aya, where Shameimaru is her surname.
* FirstName_FamilyName for Westerners, and most other ethnicities. Example: Ken_Masters.

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