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Image ratings help users organize and search through the various levels of safe and explicit content contained on Gelbooru. It's very important to rate your uploads properly. By doing so you help ensure that searches continue to return accurate results. Ratings can be searched for by adding "rating:xxx" to your search.

Gelbooru has four ratings: General, Sensitive, Questionable and Explicit. Broadly speaking, these categories are as follows:

General - G-rated content. Content that is completely safe for work. Nothing sexualized or inappropriate to view in front of others.

Sensitive - Ecchi, sexy, suggestive, or mildly erotic content. Skimpy or revealing_clothes, swimsuits, underwear, images focused on the breasts or ass, and any other content that is potentially not safe for work.

Questionable - Softcore erotica. Simple nudity or near-nudity, but no explicit sex or exposed genitals.

Explicit - Blatantly sexual content. Explicit sex acts, exposed genitals, and sexual fluids.


Rating:General (Work-safe only)
- G-rated, completely safe for work content.
- Fully clothed characters.
- Completely non-sexual scenes.
- Innocent comics and 4komas.
- Portraits and faces.
- Chibi and cute things.
- Content without people (scenery, still_life, no_humans, text-only_pages, food_focus, animal_focus, SFW Pokémon etc.)
- Innocent displays of affection (hugging, holding_hands, kissing that isn't sexually charged, etc)
- Trivial or cartoon violence (comedic or non-serious fighting, minor head_bumps, cuts, and bruises, or any other injury that doesn't cause lasting harm).

Please note that the mere presence of large_breasts, cleavage, midriff/navel, bare_legs, bare_arms, bare_shoulders, and exposed shoulder_blades doesn't instantly disqualify a post from this rating. Users should take extra care when rating such posts, however.

- Ecchi, sexy, risqué, or suggestive content, even mildly so.
- Skimpy or revealing_clothes, including swimsuits, lingerie, underwear, cleavage_cutouts, playboy_bunnysuits, skin_tight or impossible_clothes, etc.
- Exposed groin area (hip lines) or dimples_of_venus.
- Anything focused on the ass, breasts, cleavage, underboob, sideboob, feet, armpits, lips, or other sexualized parts of the body.
- Pantyshots, upskirts, and similar fanservice.
- Implied sexual situations, such as visible (but unused) condoms or sex_toys.
- Mild violence (amounts of blood or a more serious injury that is too much for General).
- Depictions of thoughts of suicide or self-harm (including gun_to_head).
- Anything not G-rated, not completely safe for work, or not completely safe to view in front of others.
- Anything you're not sure is safe enough for General. When in doubt, use Sensitive over General.

- Simple non-genital nudity, including nipples, areolae, and bare ass.
- Near-nudity, such as highly revealing clothes, clothing that barely hides nudity, and clothing that is partially removed or torn.
- Nipples or genitals clearly visible through clothing, including covered_erect_nipples, cameltoes, wedgies, bulges, and erection_under_clothes.
- Mild sexual contact (ear_biting, groping, breast_grabbing, heavy kissing, etc)
- Sexually_suggestive acts (sucking suggestively on hotdogs, etc).
- Suggestive_fluids (unless they're obviously cum or pussy_juice).
- Bondage, spanking, BDSM, and other fetish activities without visible sex acts or bodily fluids.
- Graphic violence (death, large amounts of blood, or major injuries that aren't enough to be considered gore).

- Exposed genitals, including the pussy, penis, and anus, whether censored or uncensored.
- Explicit sex acts, including sex, fellatio, masturbation, handjobs, fingering, sex toy use and so on.
- Sexual bodily fluids (cum, pussy_juice etc.)
- Guro, extremely graphic violence (gore, dismemberment, etc), and NSFL content.

Please note that if an image is loli or shota, it significantly lowers the threshold for what is considered Questionable/Explicit.

If you are ever unsure of what rating to use, ask in forum #5646. The fewer misrated posts, the better!

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