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The original Generation II Pokemon games (Gold, Silver) and their update (Crystal).

Characters (English name)

Main characters

* Gold_(Pokemon) Gold/Hibiki (Ethan)
* Silver_(Pokemon)
* Crystal_(Pokemon) (Kris)

Gym Leaders - Johto

* Hayato_(Pokemon) (Falkner)
* Tsukushi_(Pokemon) (Bugsy)
* Akane_(Pokemon) (Whitney)
* Matsuba_(Pokemon) (Morty)
* Shijima_(Pokemon) (Chuck)
* Mikan_(Pokemon) (Jasmine)
* Yanagi_(Pokemon) (Pryce)
* Ibuki_(Pokemon) (Clair)

Gym Leaders - Kanto

* Takeshi_(Pokemon) (Brock)
* Kasumi_(Pokemon) (Misty)
* Matis_(Pokemon) (Lt. Surge)
* Erika_(Pokemon)
* Kyou_(Pokemon) (Koga)
* Natsume_(Pokemon) (Sabrina)
* Katsura_(Pokemon) (Blaine)
* Ookido_Green (Blue)

Elite Four

* Itsuki_(Pokemon) (Will)
* Kyou_(Pokemon) (Koga)
* Shiba_(Pokemon) (Bruno)
* Karin_(Pokemon) (Karen)
* Champion: Wataru_(Pokemon) (Lance)

See also

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* gen_2_pokemon
* Pokemon_HGSS (HeartGold/SoulSilver) (Gen IV remake)
* gen_4_pokemon


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