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Work in progress.

A system that gives or takes points from users based on their activity. Planned as a means to limit the amount of spam sent to the site. The number of comments per day, changing tag types and sending PMs are restricted until a user has met certain criteria. The ways and means of gaining XP, levels and permissions are deliberately obfuscated to prevent abuse of the site. Generally; positive or useful contributions across the site will raise XP while user-content that violates our Terms of Service or community guidelines will lower XP. Excessive spamming may result in a user losing their contribution privileges permanently.

Commenting by users who are not logged in is now disabled.

A user's level and XP may be viewed on the user's profile page under Achievements.

This system does not consider any user activity prior to 25 June 2020.

Admins can give out points to selected users who perform certain functions on the site such as gardeners and translators on an as-needed basis.

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