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Posts with the particular phrases of Matsura Aya 's song ね~え? .

セクシーなの?キュートなの? どっちが 好きなの?
(Sexy? Cute? Which one do you prefer?)

セクシーなの?キュートなの? どっちが タイプよ?
(Sexy? Cute? Which one is your type?)

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 1girl armpits ass ass_focus bad_tag bottomless butt_crack curly_hair eyelashes female frizzy_hair gu_gu_ganmo huge_ass legs limited_visibility linda_skylark loli looking_back sexy_ass sexy_or_cute? shirt skirt smile tomboy
 1990s_(style) 1991 1girl :d accident accidental_exposure adorable after_bath after_bathing armpits ass ass_focus back bad_tag bare_back barefoot bedroom blush book breasts breasts_focus brown_hair butt_crack chair child closed_eyes desk eyelashes fang fangs fanservice feet genji_tsuushin_agedama green_overalls heike_ibuki highres holding holding_towel huge_ass indoors laughing legs little_boy little_brother loli long_hair naked_towel nipples open_mouth oppai_loli pink_towel ponytail poster red_face red_shirt retro_artstyle screencap sexy_ass sexy_or_cute? shirt short_hair siblings sitting smile stuffed_animal stuffed_toy sweat sweatdrop towel untied_hair y_shaped_butt_crack
 1990s_(style) 1991 1girl bare_legs barefoot beach bikini blue_eyes breasts brown_hair child feet genji_tsuushin_agedama heike_ibuki highres kelp leg_lift loli night ocean outdoors ponytail retro_artstyle sand screencap sexy_or_cute? shining_eyes small_breasts smile swimsuit toenails toes water yellow_bikini
 1990s_(style) 1991 1girl after_bath after_bathing back bad_tag bedroom blue_eyes bra brown_hair child closed_eyes drying genji_tsuushin_agedama heike_ibuki legs loli photos pink_skirt pink_towel ponytail retro_artstyle screencap sexy_or_cute? shirt skirt sky smile towel underwear undressing white_bra white_shirt
 1990s_(style) 1991 1girl ass bad_tag blue_eyes brown_hair female genji_tsuushin_agedama green_tie heike_ibuki highres jacket kicking legs loli lying non-web_source panties pink_shirt pink_skirt ponytail red_jacket red_shoes retro_artstyle school_uniform screencap sexy_ass sexy_legs sexy_or_cute? shirt shoes skirt socks underwear white_legwear white_panties
 1990s_(style) 1991 1girl angry ass bad_tag blue_eyes brown_hair child genji_tsuushin_agedama green_tie groin heike_ibuki jacket kicking leg_lift legs loli panties pink_shirt pink_skirt ponytail red_jacket retro_artstyle school_uniform screencap sexy_ass sexy_legs sexy_or_cute? shirt skirt socks underwear white_panties white_socks

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