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高倉 直子

A female teacher in Tari_Tari, a supporting character. She wears glasses and has short black_hair.

Responsible for Shirahamazaka High's vocal club, who is put in charge of Konatsu's choir club after its advisor, the principal, is hospitalized following a bicycle accident. She is often harsh towards Konatsu, seeing music as something that should not be treated like a game. She was Sakai_Mahiru's friend in high school.


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 1girl breasts cleavage collared_shirt commentary_request glasses greyscale hand_on_own_hip jewelry medium_breasts monochrome pendant shirt short_hair simple_background sketch sleeves_rolled_up solo takakura_naoko tari_tari teacher ueyama_michirou upper_body white_background
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 10s 2girls arms_behind_back bad_id bad_pixiv_id brown_eyes brown_hair closed_eyes glasses long_hair multiple_girls neki_(wakiko) sakai_wakana short_hair smile takakura_naoko tari_tari
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