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Tag type: General

A small amount of water held together by viscosity (surface tension). Usually roughly spherical or teardrop-shaped, but may be deformed by motion.

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 1girl bikini blue_hair blush boots frog frown green_eyes grey_sky japari_symbol kemono_friends kusamogura looking_at_animal lowres outdoors puddle rain raincoat rubber_boots see-through sky snake_girl snake_tail solo squatting storm striped_bikini striped_clothes striped_tail swimsuit tail transparent transparent_raincoat tsuchinoko_(kemono_friends) water_drop wet wet_clothes wet_hair yellow_footwear
 1girl adjusting_hair armpits artist_name bare_shoulders between_breasts bikini black_jacket blue_eyes blue_hair blue_sky braid breasts cameltoe cleavage closed_mouth cloud cloudy_sky collarbone copyright_name cuboon day evertale eyepatch_bikini eyewear_on_head groin hair_between_eyes horizon huge_breasts jacket jewelry king_arthur_(evertale) leaning_forward logo long_hair looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair navel necklace ocean off_shoulder official_alternate_costume official_art open_clothes open_jacket outdoors palm_leaf palm_tree partially_submerged pendant plant reflection shiny_skin single_braid skindentation sky sleeves_rolled_up solo splashing stomach streaked_hair sunglasses swimsuit thigh_strap tree two-tone_hair water water_drop wet white_hair
 1girl :o armpit_crease ass bare_shoulders between_breasts bikini blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair braid breasts choker cleavage collarbone commentary_request copyright_name cuboon day diamond_o-ring dripping evertale flower hair_between_eyes hair_flower hair_ornament king_arthur_(evertale) large_breasts leg_up logo long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer micro_bikini multicolored_hair o-ring o-ring_swimsuit official_art outdoors parted_lips partially_submerged pool poolside see-through shiny_skin single_braid skindentation solo sparkle streaked_hair swimsuit thigh_strap thighs thong_bikini two-tone_hair water water_drop wet wet_clothes white_bikini white_choker white_flower
2girls baggy_pants blush boots breasts callie_(splatoon) cleavage domino_mask food fruit grin inkling large_breasts lemon lemon_slice marie_(splatoon) mask mole mole_under_eye multiple_girls navel nintendo one_eye_closed oyster pants shina_shina shrimp skirt smile splatoon_(series) splatoon_3 strapless suspenders sweat tentacle_hair tube_top water_drop yellow_eyes
 1girl ;d alternate_costume bikini blue_bikini blush breasts bright_pupils brown_hair cleavage collarbone commentary_request creatures_(company) double_bun eyelashes game_freak green_eyes hair_bun hand_up happy highres long_hair looking_at_viewer navel nintendo one_eye_closed open_mouth pokemon pokemon_bw2 rosa_(pokemon) sidelocks smile solo swimsuit twintails water_drop white_background white_pupils yuihico
 1girl absurdres ahoge alternate_costume bathroom blue_hair blush closed_mouth cowboy_shot dasha furina_(genshin_impact) genshin_impact hair_between_eyes heterochromia highres indoors light_blue_hair looking_to_the_side mirror multicolored_hair reflection sidelocks solo standing streaked_hair two-tone_hair water_drop white_hair

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