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Images whose thumbnail doesn't display correctly.

If a thumbnail failed to generate at all, the post listing will display the image's "title" as plain text which in the case of Gelbooru is all of the tags currently applied to the images. This info is not applied to posts in the "More like this" list so a broken image icon will be there instead. The most common cause of thumbnail generation failure is when a bitmap with a bottom-up load order is uploaded, which was a common format for older game_cgs.

Before adding this tag to an image, verify that the thumbnail is actually broken by hard refreshing the page it's being loaded on, and then trying to directly access it by right clicking its placeholder and selecting "view image". If you get a 404 error, the thumbnail is probably broken. You should also consult the forum to ensure there are no active server or networking issues which may be preventing delivery of the thumbnail.

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