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みけねこ, みけ猫

A female utaite/streamer born on January 18, 1989. She has done streams both as her real life self and under a drawn avatar. She started her online career by posting song covers on Nico Nico in 2011. She was active on said site until 2017, but maintained a consistent online presence on other sites such as Twitcast and Youtuber. She has a soft, high pitched speaking voice, but is capable of unleashing bestial roars and screams when agitated. She loves cats and her user name is the Japanese word for calico cat.

Starting on April 24, 2022, she debuted a virtual_youtuber model used for her streams. This model is a pink-haired girl wearing a black and white gothic_lolita style dress. She has cat_ears and wears a white eyepatch. She has heterochromia with one purple and one red eye. She carries around a stuffed cat doll.

On July 22, 2023, mikeneko received a third model designed by yasuyuki, and the next day, she announced that she had joined voice acting agency Voice-Ore under the name Koito Ria. Her joining the agency allowed her to also do voice acting alongside her regular streaming characters with mikeneko making her debut as Lilium in Isekai_no_Yuu.

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