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藤本 タツキ

A male mangaka born on October 10 in either 1992 or 1993, depending on the source. in Nikaho, Japan. He began drawing from an early age, attending painting classes, and graduated in Western painting from Tohoku University of Art and Design in Yamagata, Yamagata Prefecture in 2014. As a mangaka, he is known for garnering quite a bit of critical attention from the start of his career. He debuted with the 2011 oneshot Niwa ni wa Niwa Niwatori ga ita, which was nominated for the December Jump SQ Monthly Award. The critical praise would grow with each one shot he produced and lead to him creating his first serialized manga, Fire_Punch which was followed by his most famous work Chainsaw_Man. Fujimoto is notably highly prolific and even after finding mainstream success with Chainsaw Man, never stopped producing one shots, allowing him to amass a significant body of work before reaching 30.

Fujimoto often creates stories with a melancholic atmosphere and tone. He often prioritizes the overall story and themes over his characters, not feeling too sentimental towards them which enables him to kill them off or make them suffer whenever he sees fit. However, he also has a quirky sense of humor which manifests in real life actions like creating a Twitter account where he pretends to be his (fake) little sister, and in his stories like Chainsaw Man. Fujimoto is heavily influenced by cinema with his manga often having direct references to movies. Fujimoto stated that he aspired to draw manga with a similar story progression as Korean films he admires, like Chugyeokja (The Chaser). He was also inspired by mangaka such as Nihei Tsutomu, Samura Hiroaki, and Arai Hideki.

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