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メスガキ (literally, "bitch brat")

A young girl who acts sassy and provocative towards adults in a sexually charged manner.

Typical attributes include smug or naughty expressions, a mocking laugh, a single fang, twintails, short shorts, miniskirts, exposed midriff, etc. May be an oppai loli.

Not to be confused with erogaki ("erotic brat") who is sexually forward or seductive without being sassy, or kusogaki ("shitty brat") who is sassy without a sexual undertone.

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 1girl :p arm_behind_back blue_archive blue_hat blue_shirt blush demon_tail green_hair halo hand_on_own_crotch hat highres loli long_hair looking_at_viewer mesugaki navel no_pants nozomi_(blue_archive) panties panties_under_pantyhose pantyhose shirt sitting smile solo spread_legs surio tail thighs tongue tongue_out twintails underwear white_panties white_pantyhose yellow_eyes
 1girl arm_behind_back ass blue_archive blue_hat blue_shirt blush censored demon_tail green_hair groin halo hand_on_own_crotch hat highres loli long_hair looking_at_viewer mesugaki mosaic_censoring navel nozomi_(blue_archive) open_mouth pussy pussy_juice shirt sitting smile solo spread_legs stomach surio tail thighs twintails yellow_eyes
 1girl anus anus_peek bandaid bandaids_on_nipples bikini bikini_top_pull black_eyes coral_(pokemon) creatures_(company) fang flat_chest from_below game_freak green_bikini hair_ornament highres loli long_hair looking_at_viewer mesugaki micro_bikini navel nintendo ookamiuo open_mouth partially_visible_vulva pasties pinching_gesture pink_hair pokemon pokemon_(anime) pokemon_horizons shiny_skin simple_background smile smug solo spread_legs swimsuit thighs thong thong_bikini twintails white_background wide_hips x_hair_ornament
 2girls absurdres after_ejaculation bdsm blue_archive bukkake cum femdom gloved_handjob gloves green_hair halo handjob hat highres hikari_(blue_archive) loli long_hair mesugaki multiple_girls nozomi_(blue_archive) pantyhose penis pointy_ears pyoru_usagi_piyo sadism sensei_(blue_archive) shorts sitting skirt tongue tongue_out two_side_up yellow_eyes
 1girl :3 animal_ears bare_shoulders black_choker breasts brown_eyes cameltoe carrot choker cleft_of_venus commentary_request dai_yasude fake_animal_ears fake_tail fang fishnet_pantyhose fishnets hair_ornament hair_scrunchie hairclip highres holding holding_carrot leotard light_brown_hair looking_at_viewer mesugaki one-piece_tan open_mouth original pantyhose playboy_bunny rabbit_ears rabbit_tail scrunchie side_ponytail small_breasts smile smug solo squatting tail tan tanline
 +++ 1girl :d american_flag apron avocado blush breasts chinese_text collarbone commentary_request curry curry_rice doughnut fang food greyscale groin hair_ornament hand_up holding holding_plate loli looking_at_viewer mesugaki monochrome naked_apron one-piece_tan open_mouth original plate rice side_ponytail small_breasts smile solo striped_background tan tanline ter_(otokoter) traditional_chinese_text translation_request white_background

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