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Tag type: General

Loli characters that have a huge_ass. Only should be used when the image depicts a loli body-type appearance with an ass much bigger than the usual; with flat_chest, or small_breasts at most to fit the tag. Is basically the opposite of oppai_loli in proportions-wise.
It should NOT be use along with the shortstack tagfor the same character, since it describes completely different category of body type.

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 ass blonde_hair danganronpa_2:_goodbye_despair desertmusic gym_uniform hair_ornament huge_ass kyojiri_loli loli looking_at_viewer looking_back saionji_hiyoko twintails
 ass ass_focus bow bowtie clothes_lift doujima_nanako dress hairband huge_ass kyojiri_loli loli lolita_fashion lolita_hairband megami_tensei nanako noblood_(ryandomonica) panties persona persona_4 pig_tail pink_dress pink_panties skirt skirt_lift tail thong twintails underwear upskirt wedgie
 1boy 1girl ass huge_ass kyojiri_loli loli makihatayama_hana motylek ojamajo_doremi sweat very_sweaty
 1girl :3 adjusting_hair antenna_hair ass bathroom blue_hair closed_mouth completely_nude dot_nose eyebrows feet_out_of_frame female_focus fluuzoid from_behind green_eyes huge_ass indoors izumi_konata kyojiri_loli loli long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_back lucky_star mirror naughty_face nude pov reflection sitting solo
 1boy 1girl angry blackwhiplash breasts demon demon_girl exhausted fundoshi imminent_penetration imminent_rape japanese_clothes kamado_nezuko kamado_tanjirou kimetsu_no_yaiba kyojiri_loli loli multiple_boys size_difference small_breasts source_request sweat thick_thighs thighs
 1girl ass bare_shoulders blue_hair blush breasts brown_thighhighs bursting_breasts camisole curvy food hair_ribbon highres huge_breasts ice_cream impossible_clothes impossible_shirt kyojiri_loli long_eyelashes long_hair looking_back on_ball oppai_loli original panties pink_ribbon red_eyes ribbon riko_(shuz) shirt shuz_(dodidu) sitting solo strap_gap striped_clothes striped_panties thighhighs twintails undersized_breast_cup undersized_clothes underwear very_long_hair white_camisole

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