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おばさんの肉体(からだ)が気持ち良過ぎるから ~ボクのおばさんは超名器だった ~ My Aunt's Body is Irresistible. ~Her Hole is the Best~

A incest-themed netorare hentai manga created by Kuroneko_Smith. The series started in September 2016, and is current ongoing. It was adapted into a live action JAV by MOODYZ that was released on February 13, 2018.

It's a serialized story focusing on an aunt_and_nephew named Kyouko and Kouhei, whom the latter visits on a summer vacation with his family. After an incident where Kouhei accidentally gets drunk and Kyouko brings him to orgasm to tire him out, Kouhei uses blackmail to coerce Kyouko in engaging in more risky sexual activities behind the backs of his parents and uncle. Each chapter shows Kouhei becoming more aggressive in his lust, resulting to Kyouko becoming pregnant and giving birth to his daughter, Momoka, whom the rest of the family believes to belong to Kyouko's husband.

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