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Also known as Paper Mario RPG in Japan. Tag refers to images referencing this specific game. It is the sequel to Paper Mario and was released on the Nintendo Gamecube on July 22, 2004. It was directed by Kawade Ryota and produced by Miyamoto_Shigeru and Kitanishi Ryouichi. Artwork is done by Kawabe_Chie. The story was written by Suzuki Hironobu and Fukuda Misao. Music is composed by Hirano Yoshito and Tsujiyoko Yuka.

Princess Peach is in a port city outside of the Mushroom Kingdom and acquires a treasure map that fascinates her. She sends a letter to Mario asking him to come over and take a look at the map, but once he gets there Peach is missing. Mario instead rescues Goombella from an ambush by a group of enemies known as the X-Nauts and informs Goombella of the reason he is there. Goombella takes him to meet Professor Frankly who informs Mario that the treasure map provides clues to the locations of the Crystal Stars, which can unlock a thousand year door hidden underneath the town. Mario soon learns that the X-Nauts also want to unlock the door and they are holding Peach in captivity. Mario teams up with Goombella to find the Crystal Stars before the X-Nauts do. Like the previous game, the game uses a hub world and allows visits to previous locations at any time and the game's story is divided into chapters, each with its own story arc.

The game follows the turn-based combat with action commands from the previous game. This time the battles are presented as a theater complete with an audience watching. The player is encouraged to please the audience as much as possible. For example, tapping A at the right time after Mario jumps on an enemy causes him to do a flashy move that wows the audience and fills up his Star Power Gauge. Conversely, the audience can become belligerent and attack Mario and co, but they can also counter the incoming attacks. The audience plays a key role in a few boss fights as well. As Mario and co. level up, the stages they fight on get more elaborate and occasionally traps can be sprung in the middle of combat. The game is notably the last Paper Mario entry to follow the turn-based combined with action command style gameplay that the previous Paper Mario game and other Mario RPGs used. After this game, the Paper Mario franchise would become known for significantly altering its gameplay with each entry in order to distinguish itself from the other Mario RPGs. It retains the humor of the original game, but the story takes a noticeably darker turn later on.

After the game is beaten, the game is still playable and continues directly after the story's ending allowing Mario and co. to fulfill tasks they didn't get to do during the main story and/or going for one hundred percent completion.

The game was a major success, selling 409,000 copies in Japan and 1.23 million in North America, and scoring generally positive critical reviews. The game received a remake 20 years later with updated graphics and new audio for the characters for the Nintendo_Switch. It was released on May 23, 2024 and original composer Hirano Yoshito returned to remix his compositions along with adding some new tracks. Many of the new tracks consist of new battle themes, and the game often adds new instrumentation as the player progresses through a level. The remake is largely faithful to the original game with most of the story changes being minor dialogue tweaks and, for some translations, translating one major character to be consistent with the Japanese original. The remake adds a few new boss fights, complete with new boss themes. The remake was also critically acclaimed.


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