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Tag type: General

Gaping to an extreme degree.

Use this tag when the gaping hole is larger than the character's own fist.

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 1girl all_fours anal anal_object_insertion animal_ears artist_name black_headwear black_pantyhose black_skin black_sleeves colored_skin dash_ravo detached_sleeves ears_through_headwear extreme_gaping from_behind gaping grey_hair hat high_heels highres long_hair long_tongue looking_back mouse_ears mouse_girl object_insertion original pantyhose ponytail pumpkin pussy tongue torn_clothes torn_pantyhose tree witch_hat
 1girl animal_print blonde_hair bocchi_the_rock! breasts clitoris_piercing commentary cow_print extreme_gaping gaping gaping_anus highres iisan_(zvemsv420vuqzzb) ijichi_seika inflation large_breasts navel_piercing nipple_piercing nipples piercing pussy_piercing tagme
 1boy anus blue_skin colored_skin extreme_gaping gaping highres liren44 male_focus original partially_undressed presenting spread_anus thighhighs uncensored
 1boy anal anus ass blue_skin colored_skin extreme_gaping forced_orgasm gaping highres liren44 male_focus orgasm original presenting prostate_pinch scar spread_anus spread_ass thighhighs uncensored yaoi
 1girl anal anus ass ass_focus cleft_of_venus colored_skin extreme_gaping from_behind gaping green_skin harvest_(liren44) highres liren44 original pussy spread_anus spread_ass uncensored
 anal anal_fisting anal_fluid anus bent_over electrostimulation extreme_gaping female_ejaculation fisting gaping grabbing grabbing_another's_breast highres liren44 nipples original panties panty_pull spanking spread_anus stomach_bulge taser thighhighs uncensored underwear what_the_fuck

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