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The Zodiac constellation between Aquarius (zodiac) and Aries (zodiac), symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions.

This tag is for posts that are clearly themed after the imagery present in Pisces, usually referencing its name or the imagery associated with it like post #8386873 or post #5097855.

Do not use if only the symbol or constellation for it are present incidentally. Use pisces (symbol) or pisces (constellation) instead.

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 1girl bare_shoulders blue_hair blue_nails bracelet chromatic_aberration closed_mouth commentary earrings eyelashes eyeshadow hand_in_own_hair hands_up highres holding holding_hair jewelry light_particles lipstick long_hair looking_afar makeup nail_polish original pisces_(symbol) pisces_(zodiac) portrait purple_hair red_lips ring sleeveless solo symbol-only_commentary white_background yumeko_(yumeyana_g) zodiac
 1girl 6+others aquarius_(zodiac) aries_(zodiac) black_headwear black_hood blue_eyes blue_fire cancer_(zodiac) capricorn_(zodiac) cover cover_page english_text fire floating gemini_(zodiac) glowing glowing_eyes green_eyes k-suwabe leo_(zodiac) libra_(zodiac) looking_at_viewer multiple_others orange_eyes original photoshop_(medium) pisces_(zodiac) red_eyes sagittarius_(zodiac) scorpio_(zodiac) skull spikes taurus_(zodiac) virgo_(zodiac) yellow_eyes zodiac
 1boy bow bowtie fish_boy fish_hood furry furry_male hood long_arms maniani original pisces_(zodiac) shark_fin solo zodiac
 1girl absurdres aquarius_(zodiac) aries_(zodiac) astronomical_clock black_footwear black_shorts black_socks breasts cancer_(zodiac) capricorn_(zodiac) clock closed_eyes commentary english_commentary english_text flag gemini_(zodiac) hat highres holding holding_flag kieed kneehighs leo_(zodiac) libra_(zodiac) long_sleeves map medium_breasts original pisces_(zodiac) red_headwear red_shirt sagittarius_(zodiac) scorpio_(zodiac) shirt shoes short_hair shorts socks solo standing taurus_(zodiac) virgo_(zodiac) white_hair wide_shot wide_sleeves zodiac
 :3 animal animal_costume animal_focus aquarius_(zodiac) aries_(zodiac) artistic_error border cancer_(zodiac) capricorn_(zodiac) clothed_animal creatures_(company) eevee fading_border flareon game_freak gemini_(zodiac) gen_1_pokemon gen_2_pokemon gen_4_pokemon gen_6_pokemon glaceon jolteon leo_(zodiac) libra_(zodiac) nightfizz nintendo no_humans patterned pisces_(zodiac) pokemon sagittarius_(zodiac) scorpio_(zodiac) straight-on sylveon taurus_(zodiac) umbreon vaporeon virgo_(zodiac) white_border zodiac
2girls :d angel_wings animal_ears black_dress blue_background borrowed_character bow bow_earrings bra bracelet bracer breasts center_opening chain closed_mouth clothing_cutout crescent detached_collar detached_sleeves double-parted_bangs dress dress_flower earrings english_text feet_out_of_frame flower green_eyes grey_bra grey_hair hair_flower hair_ornament halo hand_up highres index_finger_raised jewelry long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mermaid_dress midriff moon_phases multiple_girls nail_polish neck_ribbon o-ring open_mouth original pink_bow pink_eyes pink_hair pink_nails pink_ribbon pisces_(zodiac) puffy_long_sleeves puffy_sleeves purple_flower purple_nails purple_skirt purple_sleeves ribbon see-through see-through_sleeves shoulder_cutout side_slit skirt sleeve_bow small_breasts smile standing star_(symbol) strapless strapless_bra swept_bangs taranboman tassel tassel_hair_ornament two_side_up underboob underwear veil virgo_(zodiac) white_wings wings zodiac

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