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The Zodiac constellation between Scorpio (zodiac) and Capricorn (zodiac), symbolized by a centaur archer.

This tag is for posts that are clearly themed after the imagery present in Sagittarius, usually referencing its name or the imagery associated with it like post #9192598 or post #6986048.

Do not use if only the symbol or constellation for it are present incidentally. Use sagittarius (symbol) or sagittarius (constellation) instead.

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 3girls :d animal_slippers aries_(constellation) aries_(zodiac) black_background bow braid brown_eyes brown_hair buttons claw_pose color_guide constellation english_text full_body hair_ornament heart highres hood jacket leo_(constellation) leo_(zodiac) long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mokaffe multiple_girls open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth orange_eyes orange_hair orange_shirt orange_shorts original pajamas polka_dot ponytail purple_eyes purple_footwear purple_hair purple_shirt purple_shorts purple_socks red_shirt red_socks sagittarius_(constellation) sagittarius_(zodiac) sheep shirt short_hair shorts sleeves_past_wrists slippers smile socks standing star_(symbol) stuffed_animal stuffed_toy white_hair white_jacket zodiac
 1girl black_background blonde_hair brown_hair closed_mouth clothing_cutout commentary earrings eyelashes eyeliner eyeshadow gun handgun hands_up highres jewelry light_brown_hair light_particles lipstick looking_at_viewer makeup nail_polish original pointing red_eyes red_lips red_nails sagittarius_(symbol) sagittarius_(zodiac) short_hair shoulder_cutout solo symbol-only_commentary upper_body v-neck weapon yumeko_(yumeyana_g) zodiac
+_+ 1girl alternate_eye_color arrow_(projectile) bilingual blue_background blush bob_cut bow_(weapon) colored_skin creatures_(company) dated detached_wings drawing_bow earrings english_text female_focus flat_chest game_freak gardevoir gen_3_pokemon green_hair green_skin hair_over_one_eye hands_up happy head_wings heart heart_arrow highres holding holding_bow_(weapon) holding_weapon japanese_text jewelry looking_to_the_side mini_wings mixed-language_text multicolored_skin nintendo one_eye_covered open_mouth pink_wings pokemon pokemon_(creature) purple_eyes sagittarius_(zodiac) short_hair smile solo standing star_(sky) star_(symbol) star_earrings two-tone_skin upper_body weapon white_skin wings yuri_(fl0werspace) zodiac
 1girl artist_name bed bed_sheet book breasts cancer_(zodiac) cellphone closed_eyes closed_mouth constellation cup curtains dress earphones flower highres iphone komyu_(masheri) lavender_(flower) leo_(zodiac) libra_(zodiac) light_particles lilac lying magazine_(object) medium_breasts medium_hair nipples on_bed on_side original phone pillow plate polaris_(star) profile purple_flower purple_hair sagittarius_(zodiac) scorpio_(zodiac) smartphone solo spoon star_(symbol) tarot tarot_(card) virgo_(zodiac) white_dress white_flower zodiac
 1boy armor arrow_(projectile) artist_name belt black_belt bow_(weapon) cape full_armor full_body glowing gun handgun holding holding_gun holding_weapon humanoid_robot k-suwabe looking_at_viewer male_focus no_eyes original over_shoulder quiver red_cape rifle robot sagittarius_(zodiac) scope simple_background solo standing weapon weapon_over_shoulder white_background white_hood zodiac
 1girl 6+others aquarius_(zodiac) aries_(zodiac) black_headwear black_hood blue_eyes blue_fire cancer_(zodiac) capricorn_(zodiac) cover cover_page english_text fire floating gemini_(zodiac) glowing glowing_eyes green_eyes k-suwabe leo_(zodiac) libra_(zodiac) looking_at_viewer multiple_others orange_eyes original photoshop_(medium) pisces_(zodiac) red_eyes sagittarius_(zodiac) scorpio_(zodiac) skull spikes taurus_(zodiac) virgo_(zodiac) yellow_eyes zodiac

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