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Astrological sign and constellation of the twins Castor and Pollux, situated between Taurus (zodiac) and Cancer (zodiac).

This tag is for posts that are clearly themed after the imagery present in Gemini, usually referencing its name or the imagery associated with it like post #5348410 or post #8429253.

Do not use if only the symbol or constellation for it are present incidentally. Use gemini (symbol) or gemini (constellation) instead.

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 1girl 6+others aquarius_(zodiac) aries_(zodiac) black_headwear black_hood blue_eyes blue_fire cancer_(zodiac) capricorn_(zodiac) cover cover_page english_text fire floating gemini_(zodiac) glowing glowing_eyes green_eyes k-suwabe leo_(zodiac) libra_(zodiac) looking_at_viewer multiple_others orange_eyes original photoshop_(medium) pisces_(zodiac) red_eyes sagittarius_(zodiac) scorpio_(zodiac) skull spikes taurus_(zodiac) virgo_(zodiac) yellow_eyes zodiac
 black_footwear closed_eyes colored_skin commentary_request face-to-face gemini_(symbol) gemini_(zodiac) grey_skin hair_ornament headband holding_hands kananishi kirby kirby_(series) light_blush lowres nintendo no_humans pillar pink_skin red_footwear shadow_kirby shoes simple_background space star_(symbol) star_hair_ornament white_background white_headband zodiac
 black_dress black_hair black_skin blue_bow blue_gloves bow bowtie colored_skin dress fang gemini_(zodiac) gloves large_bow maniani original polar_opposites red_bow red_gloves siblings skin_fang symmetry twins white_dress white_hair white_skin zodiac
2girls absurdres artist_name bare_legs bare_shoulders blue_bow blue_nails bow braid closed_eyes collarbone commentary_request crescent_moon dress eyelashes full_body gemini_(zodiac) hair_bow highres holding holding_star korean_commentary long_hair moon multiple_girls nail_polish original planet puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves short_dress short_sleeves siblings side_braid space star_(sky) star_(symbol) twins wavy_hair wedjigamja white_dress white_hair zodiac
 1girl absurdres aquarius_(zodiac) aries_(zodiac) astronomical_clock black_footwear black_shorts black_socks breasts cancer_(zodiac) capricorn_(zodiac) clock closed_eyes commentary english_commentary english_text flag gemini_(zodiac) hat highres holding holding_flag kieed kneehighs leo_(zodiac) libra_(zodiac) long_sleeves map medium_breasts original pisces_(zodiac) red_headwear red_shirt sagittarius_(zodiac) scorpio_(zodiac) shirt shoes short_hair shorts socks solo standing taurus_(zodiac) virgo_(zodiac) white_hair wide_shot wide_sleeves zodiac
1girl absurdres animal aquarius_(zodiac) aries_(zodiac) astronomical_clock astronomy bagpipes bird black_footwear black_jacket black_shorts blue_headwear cancer_(zodiac) capricorn_(zodiac) clock commentary crescent_moon day_and_night dunce_cap english_commentary english_text full_moon gemini_(zodiac) gibbous_moon gloves half_moon highres holding holding_instrument instrument jacket kieed kneehighs leo_(zodiac) libra_(zodiac) long_sleeves looking_at_viewer moon moon_(ornament) moon_phases new_moon original purple_eyes rainbow roman_numeral sagittarius_(zodiac) shoes short_hair shorts sitting socks solo sun_symbol taurus_(zodiac) uniform virgo_(zodiac) white_gloves white_hair white_socks wide_shot wide_sleeves zodiac

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