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The Zodiac constellation between Aries (zodiac) and Gemini (zodiac), symbolized by the bull.

This tag is for posts that are clearly themed after the imagery present in Taurus, usually referencing its name or imagery associated with it like post #8729631 or post #2279268.

Do not use if only the symbol or constellation for it are present incidentally. Use taurus (symbol) or taurus (constellation) instead.

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 1girl 6+others aquarius_(zodiac) aries_(zodiac) black_headwear black_hood blue_eyes blue_fire cancer_(zodiac) capricorn_(zodiac) cover cover_page english_text fire floating gemini_(zodiac) glowing glowing_eyes green_eyes k-suwabe leo_(zodiac) libra_(zodiac) looking_at_viewer multiple_others orange_eyes original photoshop_(medium) pisces_(zodiac) red_eyes sagittarius_(zodiac) scorpio_(zodiac) skull spikes taurus_(zodiac) virgo_(zodiac) yellow_eyes zodiac
 1boy animal_skull cape fur-trimmed_cape fur_trim furry furry_male highres horns maniani original red_cape solo tail taurus_(symbol) taurus_(zodiac) yellow_eyes zodiac
 1girl ankle_boots ascot asymmetrical_footwear belt between_fingers black_gloves black_pants boots brooch brown_belt brown_corset brown_footwear cigar collared_shirt corset cow_horns cow_tail crown eyes_visible_through_hair facial_tattoo flipped_hair fold-over_boots full_body gloves grey_background hair_over_one_eye half_gloves harness highres holding holding_cigar horns jewelry konataeru long_hair looking_at_viewer mini_crown orange_eyes orange_gemstone orange_hair original pants puffy_sleeves shadow shirt sleeves_past_elbows smile smoke solo standing tail tattoo taurus_(zodiac) thigh_strap uneven_footwear very_long_hair white_ascot white_background white_shirt wing_collar zodiac
 1girl absurdres aquarius_(zodiac) aries_(zodiac) astronomical_clock black_footwear black_shorts black_socks breasts cancer_(zodiac) capricorn_(zodiac) clock closed_eyes commentary english_commentary english_text flag gemini_(zodiac) hat highres holding holding_flag kieed kneehighs leo_(zodiac) libra_(zodiac) long_sleeves map medium_breasts original pisces_(zodiac) red_headwear red_shirt sagittarius_(zodiac) scorpio_(zodiac) shirt shoes short_hair shorts socks solo standing taurus_(zodiac) virgo_(zodiac) white_hair wide_shot wide_sleeves zodiac
1girl absurdres animal aquarius_(zodiac) aries_(zodiac) astronomical_clock astronomy bagpipes bird black_footwear black_jacket black_shorts blue_headwear cancer_(zodiac) capricorn_(zodiac) clock commentary crescent_moon day_and_night dunce_cap english_commentary english_text full_moon gemini_(zodiac) gibbous_moon gloves half_moon highres holding holding_instrument instrument jacket kieed kneehighs leo_(zodiac) libra_(zodiac) long_sleeves looking_at_viewer moon moon_(ornament) moon_phases new_moon original purple_eyes rainbow roman_numeral sagittarius_(zodiac) shoes short_hair shorts sitting socks solo sun_symbol taurus_(zodiac) uniform virgo_(zodiac) white_gloves white_hair white_socks wide_shot wide_sleeves zodiac
 1girl absurdres animal_skull aquarius_(symbol) black_dress black_hair black_horns black_jacket black_theme black_veil boots breasts bright_pupils call_of_cthulhu cane collar constellation cow_girl cow_horns dress drill_hair expressionless feather_boa full_body gemini_(symbol) gloves hair_between_eyes highres holding holding_cane hoof_shoes horizontal_pupils horns jacket large_breasts long_dress long_hair looking_at_viewer mermaid_dress o-ring_collar original parted_lips pelvic_curtain pisces_(symbol) sagittarius_(symbol) saya_trpg scorpio_(symbol) see-through_veil shadow sky sleeves_past_elbows solo spotlight standing star_(sky) starry_sky straight-on taurus_(constellation) taurus_(symbol) taurus_(zodiac) veil veil_over_eyes very_long_hair virgo_(symbol) white_footwear white_gloves white_pupils zodiac

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