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The Zodiac constellation between Pisces (zodiac) and Taurus (zodiac), symbolized by the sheep|ram.

This tag is for posts that are clearly themed after the imagery present in Aries, usually referencing its name or the imagery associated with it like post #8432652 or post #9192239.

Do not use if only the symbol or constellation for it are present incidentally. Use aries (symbol) or aries (constellation) instead.

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 1girl aries_(symbol) aries_(zodiac) bare_shoulders black_background blonde_hair blurry braid braided_bangs closed_mouth commentary curled_horns earrings eyelashes flipped_hair french_braid fur_trim highres horns jewelry light_particles lips long_hair looking_to_the_side medium_hair original pendant purple_eyes sheep_girl sheep_horns smile solo stud_earrings symbol-only_commentary yumeko_(yumeyana_g) zodiac
 1girl 6+others aquarius_(zodiac) aries_(zodiac) black_headwear black_hood blue_eyes blue_fire cancer_(zodiac) capricorn_(zodiac) cover cover_page english_text fire floating gemini_(zodiac) glowing glowing_eyes green_eyes k-suwabe leo_(zodiac) libra_(zodiac) looking_at_viewer multiple_others orange_eyes original photoshop_(medium) pisces_(zodiac) red_eyes sagittarius_(zodiac) scorpio_(zodiac) skull spikes taurus_(zodiac) virgo_(zodiac) yellow_eyes zodiac
 aries_(zodiac) black_skin capelet colored_skin flower fur_anklet fur_bracelet fur_pants fur_trim hair_flower hair_ornament horns maniani original sheep_horns yellow_eyes zodiac
 1girl absurdres aquarius_(zodiac) aries_(zodiac) astronomical_clock black_footwear black_shorts black_socks breasts cancer_(zodiac) capricorn_(zodiac) clock closed_eyes commentary english_commentary english_text flag gemini_(zodiac) hat highres holding holding_flag kieed kneehighs leo_(zodiac) libra_(zodiac) long_sleeves map medium_breasts original pisces_(zodiac) red_headwear red_shirt sagittarius_(zodiac) scorpio_(zodiac) shirt shoes short_hair shorts socks solo standing taurus_(zodiac) virgo_(zodiac) white_hair wide_shot wide_sleeves zodiac
1girl absurdres animal aquarius_(zodiac) aries_(zodiac) astronomical_clock astronomy bagpipes bird black_footwear black_jacket black_shorts blue_headwear cancer_(zodiac) capricorn_(zodiac) clock commentary crescent_moon day_and_night dunce_cap english_commentary english_text full_moon gemini_(zodiac) gibbous_moon gloves half_moon highres holding holding_instrument instrument jacket kieed kneehighs leo_(zodiac) libra_(zodiac) long_sleeves looking_at_viewer moon moon_(ornament) moon_phases new_moon original purple_eyes rainbow roman_numeral sagittarius_(zodiac) shoes short_hair shorts sitting socks solo sun_symbol taurus_(zodiac) uniform virgo_(zodiac) white_gloves white_hair white_socks wide_shot wide_sleeves zodiac
 :3 animal animal_costume animal_focus aquarius_(zodiac) aries_(zodiac) artistic_error border cancer_(zodiac) capricorn_(zodiac) clothed_animal creatures_(company) eevee fading_border flareon game_freak gemini_(zodiac) gen_1_pokemon gen_2_pokemon gen_4_pokemon gen_6_pokemon glaceon jolteon leo_(zodiac) libra_(zodiac) nightfizz nintendo no_humans patterned pisces_(zodiac) pokemon sagittarius_(zodiac) scorpio_(zodiac) straight-on sylveon taurus_(zodiac) umbreon vaporeon virgo_(zodiac) white_border zodiac

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