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Tag type: General

A jacket worn with no other clothes beneath it.

Not to be confused with Naked_coat.

See also

* Nude
* Naked_apron
* Naked_shirt
* Naked_towel

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 1girl barefoot blush breasts chernyyvo clara_(honkai:_star_rail) covered_mouth covering_own_mouth feet full_body highres holding honkai:_star_rail honkai_(series) jacket knees_up legs long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer lying naked_jacket navel nipples on_back red_eyes red_jacket small_breasts soles solo thigh_strap tiptoes upside-down white_hair
 2boys ass bara bare_pectorals bed blonde_hair bottomless covered_penis granblue_fantasy green_eyes hat jacket large_pectorals lifting_another's_clothes male_focus multiple_boys muscular muscular_male naked_jacket on_bed open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth pectorals red_jacket santa_costume santa_hat satoimo_sanda short_hair sidepec smile solo_focus undercut vane_(granblue_fantasy) yaoi
 1boy 1girl 69 black_hair black_jacket blush cum cum_in_mouth cum_overflow deepthroat en'en_no_shouboutai fellatio hair_between_eyes hand_on_another's_head hand_on_another's_thigh hetero hot_vr implied_cunnilingus irrumatio jacket long_hair naked_jacket oral rolling_eyes simple_background tamaki_kotatsu testicles twintails uncensored white_background yellow_eyes
 1girl :o absurdres animal_ears black_jacket blue_eyes blush bright_pupils dog_ears dog_girl dog_tail drawstring flat_chest full_body furry furry_female highres hood hood_down hooded_jacket jacket loli mismatched_pupils naked_jacket original simple_background sitting sleeves_past_wrists smoldog solo tail white_background white_hair white_pupils zipper_pull_tab
 2boys abs adachi_koichi bara beard belly blush character_request clothed_male_nude_male collage couple cropped_legs cropped_torso facial_hair from_side full_beard glasses goatee_stubble grey_hair greyscale hairy highres jacket kiss large_pectorals male_focus mature_male monochrome multiple_boys naked_jacket navel navel_hair nude old old_man pectorals plump profile ryuu_ga_gotoku_(series) short_hair steam_from_ears stubble teppn_(gattobamboom) thick_chest_hair toned toned_male wrinkled_skin yaoi
 1girl absurdres ass blue_eyes blurry bocchi_the_rock! breasts cleavage commentary cube_hair_ornament depth_of_field dokuro_deluxe flying_sweatdrops gotoh_hitori hair_ornament highres jacket large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer lying naked_jacket navel nipples on_back open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth pink_hair pink_jacket solo stomach thick_thighs thighs track_jacket

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