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Tag type: General

When a character is only wearing any type of coat such as a trench_coat, lab_coat, raincoat, etc.

Not to be confused with naked_jacket.

See also

* exhibitionism
* nude
* naked_apron
* naked_towel
* public_indecency
* public_nudity

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 +++ 1girl :d aburi_tarako18 anus armband bar_censor black_coat black_horns black_ribbon black_tail black_wings blonde_hair blue_archive body_writing boots breasts censored coat crayon demon_girl demon_horns demon_tail demon_wings feet_out_of_frame gradient_background groin hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon halo heart highres holding holding_crayon horns ibuki_(blue_archive) large_areolae loli looking_at_viewer low_wings medium_hair naked_coat navel nipples open_clothes open_coat open_mouth pink_background pubic_tattoo pussy red_armband ribbon rubber_boots sleeves_past_fingers sleeves_past_wrists small_breasts smile solo spread_legs squatting stomach tail tattoo teeth translated upper_teeth_only wings yellow_eyes yellow_footwear yellow_halo
 1girl animal_feet anus ass brown_background brown_coat claws coat digitigrade facing_away feet foot_focus fur_coat grey_choker grey_hair grey_scales legs_up lying messy_hair monster_girl naked_coat on_stomach original scales short_hair simple_background solo tail unko_man upper_body
 2girls animal_hands black_choker black_hair black_ribbon blue_eyes choker claws coat colored_skin cowboy_shot fur_coat grey_coat grey_skin hand_on_own_hip hands_up highres holding_another's_hair long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another messy_hair monster_girl multicolored_skin multiple_girls naked_coat neck_ribbon original ribbon short_hair simple_background solo standing stomach tail tail_raised unko_man white_background
 1girl animal_feet animal_hands black_hair black_lips blue_eyes brown_background brown_coat choker claws cleft_of_venus closed_mouth coat coat_partially_removed digitigrade flat_chest full_body fur_coat grey_choker grey_scales hand_up head_tilt long_sleeves looking_at_viewer messy_hair monster_girl naked_coat original pussy scales short_hair simple_background slit_pupils solo standing tail unko_man
 2girls aqua_hair blue_gloves blush boots breasts cleft_of_venus coat exhibitionism gloves large_breasts long_hair magia_azul mahou_shoujo_ni_akogarete multiple_girls naked_coat navel nipples outdoors public_indecency pussy pussy_juice red_eyes solo_focus thigh_boots thighhighs uncensored wolksheep
 1boy bara bare_pectorals belgrieve_(s-rank_musume) boukensha_ni_naritai_to_miyako_ni_deteitta_musume_ga_s_rank_ni_natteta brown_eyes coat dated feet_out_of_frame from_above inset_border light_blush long_hair looking_at_viewer lying mature_male naked_coat nipples old old_man on_back on_bed pectorals red_hair solo thick_eyebrows toned toned_male torieda wrinkled_skin

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