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The sequel to the indie videogame freedom_planet, created by Sabrina Diduro with her team galaxytrail, and released in 2022.
A fast 2d platform game that takes inspiration from sonic_(series, rocket_knight_adventures, gunstar_heroes, and megaman_(series). 3 years after the events fo the first game, an ancient warrior by the name of merga awakens after the destruction of the Kingdom Stone, and is on a quest for revenge. You can select between sash_lilac the Dragon, carol_tea the Wildcat, milla_basset the Hound, and neera_li the Frost Knight, an antagonist on the previous story, to put a stop to the destruction of Avalice.

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1girl aged_up animal_ears architecture ass ass_focus bodysuit bracelet breasts claws cube curvy dog_ears dog_tail east_asian_architecture eyebrows_hidden_by_hair eyelashes feet fingerless_gloves freedom_planet freedom_planet_2 from_behind furry galaxytrail gloves green_eyes huge_ass jacket jewelry long_tail looking_at_viewer looking_back medium_breasts milla_basset orange_hair outdoors short_hair skin_tight smile smirk snao_(asj) squatting tail thick_thighs thighs tiptoes toeless_footwear toeless_legwear
 4girls :> :p ahoge anger_vein angry black_hair blush_stickers boots bracelet breasts carol_tea closed_eyes cube dragon_girl dragon_horns freedom_planet freedom_planet_2 furry galaxytrail happy headgear holding holding_weapon horns indian_style japanese_clothes jewelry long_ears long_hair looking_at_viewer milla_basset multiple_girls neera_li nollety one_eye_closed orange_hair pink_eyes purple_hair sash_lilac scarf simple_background sitting speech_bubble staff tongue tongue_out twintails v very_long_hair weapon wink
1girl boots breasts dragon_girl dragon_horns dragon_tail freedom8 freedom_planet freedom_planet_2 furry galaxytrail gloves headgear highres horns japanese_clothes long_hair looking_at_viewer open_mouth purple_eyes purple_hair running salute sash_lilac simple_background smile tail text_background twintails two-finger_salute unitard very_long_hair
1girl animal_ears boots carol_tea cat_ears cat_tail crop_top fingerless_gloves freedom8 freedom_planet freedom_planet_2 furry galaxytrail gloves green_eyes highres looking_at_viewer midriff motor_vehicle motorcycle riding scarf shorts simple_background sitting slit_pupils smile standing standing_on_one_leg tail text_background
1girl :o ahoge animal_ears barefoot bodysuit bracelet cube dog_ears dog_tail dragon fighting_stance freedom8 freedom_planet freedom_planet_2 frown furry galaxytrail green_eyes highres jewelry long_ears looking_at_viewer milla_basset orange_background orange_hair short_hair standing standing_on_one_leg tail text_background
1girl :< animal_ears armor black_background black_hair boots dress freedom8 freedom_planet freedom_planet_2 frown furry galaxytrail hexagram highres holding holding_weapon ice japanese_clothes looking_at_viewer neera_li panda_ears purple_eyes short_hair shoulder_armor staff standing text_background thigh_boots thighhighs weapon zettai_ryouiki

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