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A female character who is sexually assertive or in control of her partner. A milder version of femdom.

This is typically when the girl is girl on top or clearly in control - no frowning, gaping, blank stares, etc. - often with a naughty expression. Basically, she is screwing her partner instead of the other way around. If the partner is also shown to be enjoying it, it might fit better in happy sex.

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 1boy 1girl assertive_female black_hair collared_shirt couple earrings formal from_side green_necktie height_difference hetero jewelry limbus_company long_hair necklace_pull necktie open_mouth original project_moon saccharhythm samjo_(project_moon) sei_shounagon_(saccharhythm) shirt short_hair simple_background suit white_background white_shirt
 1boy 1girl absurdres assertive_female bed black_hair cum cum_in_pussy femdom grey_hair hair_ornament hairpin highres jirai_kei netorare on_bed original papino playing_with_hair sex straddling thighhighs two_side_up upright_straddle yellow_eyes
 10s 1boy 1girl 2017 animated assertive_female baka_dakedo_chinchin_shaburu_no_dake_wa_jouzu_na_chii-chan bed between_breasts blonde_hair brazil breast_press breasts cheating_(relationship) cum cum_in_mouth dark-skinned_female dark_skin fellatio fingernails gokkun gyaru hairdressing hetero indoors interior large_breasts looking_at_viewer muroto_kouta nail_polish netorare nipples oral paizuri penis pink_nails pumping shiina_chieri sound tagme video
 1boy 1girl age_difference assertive_female girl_on_top greyscale hijab incest mature_female monochrome older_woman_and_younger_man onee-shota rainfall_404 speech_bubble
 1boy 1girl absurdres assertive_female back black_footwear black_jacket black_necktie black_pants blonde_hair blue_eyes blush brown_hair buttons charlotte_pudding collared_shirt curly_eyebrows dress facial_hair femdom formal full-face_blush hair_over_one_eye hetero highres holding_another's_leg jacket juliet_sleeves leg_up long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another necktie one_piece open_mouth orange_shirt pants puffy_sleeves rita_ya sanji_(one_piece) shirt shoes short_hair spread_legs twintails twitter_username
 1boy 1girl assertive_female breasts hijab imminent_penetration incest large_breasts lying mature_female mother_and_son nipples older_woman_and_younger_man penis pov rainfall_404 red_eyes television underwear undressing veins veiny_penis

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