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ノワール (Nowaaru)

Tag refers to images referencing the 2001 action thriller TV anime by Bee_Train. It was directed by Mashimo Kouichi and written by Mashimo and Tsukimura Ryoe and features a soundtrack composed by Kajiura Yuki. This was the second collaboration between Mashimo and Kajiura and the first anime soundtrack to feature Kajiura's signature blend of female opera vocals, strings, and electronic beats. This was the first of a three part "girls with guns" trilogy also consisting of Madlax and El_Cazador_de_la_Bruja, which all star a female duo, are directed by Mashimo and feature a soundtrack composed by Kajiura. The series ran from April 6, 2001 to September 26, 2001.

Mireille Bouquet is a master Corsican female assassin who operates in Paris. To the rest of the criminal underworld, she is known as the mysterious assassin, Noir. Mireille is constantly troubled by memories of her murdered family and she yearns to uncover the truth behind their deaths. Mireille gets her first clue to this mystery when she receives a message from a Japanese school girl named Yuumura Kirika. Upon meeting her, she quickly discovers that the seemingly shy and demure schoolgirl is an assassin who is even more dangerous than Mireille herself. She, too, is haunted by questions about her past. In Kirika's case, she is well aware that her current identity is a cover, but she has no memory of her life before it outside of her combat abilities. The two of them team up to become the mythical Noir, now a duo of master assassins, and take on various assassination jobs. As the two of them take on more jobs, they gradually uncover their connection to each other and the true origins of their codename . . .

Despite the high body count of the series, the series notably lacks blood. This was originally done to allow the show to be aired on TV Tokyo, but the crew ended up liking the lack of blood in the series and the bloodlessness was preserved for the home video release.



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