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Tag type: Character

Original character by MoeMortem formerly known as FIZ-ROT

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 1boy 1girl ass blunt_bangs bottomless dagger_(fizrotart) eyelashes fishnet_thighhighs fishnets fiz-rot grave graveyard hair_ornament hairclip hetero highres leg_up loli long_hair moemortem original red_eyes red_hair sex spaghetti_(fizrotart) spaghetti_(moemortem) standing standing_sex thighhighs twintails very_long_hair
 1girl black_bow blush bow clothes_lift collar fishnets fiz-rot hair_ornament hairpin highres loli moemortem no_panties pussy red_eyes red_hair skirt skirt_lift solo spaghetti_(moemortem) spiked_collar spikes twintails
 1girl backpack bag blush breasts classroom clothes_lift fishnets fiz-rot flat_chest hair_ornament hairpin highres loli moemortem nipples panties penis red_eyes red_hair school_bag sex small_breasts solo spaghetti_(moemortem) tank_top tongue tongue_out twintails uncensored underwear
 1boy 1girl blindfold blunt_bangs cunnilingus fangs fishnets fiz-rot flat_chest hair_ornament hairclip hairpin highres loli long_hair moemortem navel oral original partially_visible_vulva red_eyes red_hair solo spaghetti_(moemortem) spread_legs sweat twintails