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The name literally translates to "parent-and-child rice bowl." It is named after its main ingredients, chicken and egg.

Not to be confused with oyakodon_(sex)

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 absurdres bowl chicken_(food) chopsticks fish_(food) food food_focus highres kohaku392 leaf making-of_available no_humans original oyakodon_(food) roe sauce still_life vegetable
 3boys 3girls blonde_hair bowl chain chicken_(food) chips_(food) don_quixote_(project_moon) e.g.o_(project_moon) egg food food_focus hamhampangpang harpoon holding holding_weapon hong_lu_(project_moon) hot_dog ishmael_(project_moon) kimchi lettuce limbus_company long_hair looking_at_viewer mandarin_roll meursault_(project_moon) mini_person miniboy minigirl multiple_boys multiple_girls ootachi open_mouth orange_hair oyakodon_(food) pepper_steak peulliakab77314 plate project_moon ratatouille_(food) rice ryoshu_(project_moon) sauce shrimp simple_background smile tray very_long_hair weapon white_background yellow_eyes yi_sang_(project_moon)
 1girl arm_on_table black_bra bowl bra breasts brown_shirt chopsticks cleavage commentary fingernails food holding holding_chopsticks jewelry large_breasts original oyakodon_(food) ring shirt short_sleeves solo symbol-only_commentary table translation_request underwear wedding_ring xter
 bowl chicken_(food) clip_studio_paint_(medium) egg_(food) food food_focus highres kaneko_ryou no_humans original oyakodon_(food) simple_background still_life
 absurdres apple_rabbit black_necktie bowl cake chopsticks chopsticks_in_mouth closed_eyes croissant cup dango donburi english_text fate/grand_order fate_(series) food food_art formal gem grey_hair highres mapo_tofu necktie necktie_over_shoulder nikujaga_(food) noodles omelet omurice oyakodon_(food) ramen saitou_hajime_(fate) sanshoku_dango shirt soup strawberry_shortcake touka_(dokoka_me) wagashi white_shirt yunomi
 bowl chicken_(food) food food_focus meat no_humans original oyakodon_(food) rice steam still_life uroyama_(macrophage) white_background

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