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Danbooru: "A messy and largely shapeless stroke of lines. Typically used to represent character's annoyance over something."

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 1boy aubrey_(faraway)_(omori) aubrey_(omori) basil_(faraway)_(omori) basil_(omori) disembodied_hand food fruit greyscale hero_(faraway)_(omori) hero_(omori) highres holding holding_marker k_toast kel_(faraway)_(omori) kel_(omori) mari_(faraway)_(omori) mari_(omori) marker monochrome omori photo_(object) scribble solo spoilers sunny_(omori) watermelon watermelon_slice
 2boys against_railing arm_wrap balcony bandaid bandaid_on_cheek bandaid_on_face beanie black_eyes black_nails blue_sky brown_coat brown_hair building cigarette city_lights cityscape coat crescent_moon dream_smp fingerless_gloves gloves hair_over_eyes hat highres holding holding_cigarette holding_lighter leaning_forward lighter lighting_cigarette male_focus minecraft_youtube moon multicolored_hair multiple_boys night night_sky patchwork_skin pink_light profile purple_hair qtiq quackity railing red_beanie red_hat scribble shirt sky skyscraper sleeves_rolled_up smoking star_(sky) streaked_hair suspenders sweater white_hair white_shirt wilbur_soot yellow_sweater
 1other 2boys 3girls ainu0816 amiya_(arknights) animal_ears apron arknights arm_up armor bare_shoulders black_coat blush brown_hair brown_horns clenched_hands closed_eyes coat commentary copyright_name covered_mouth cupping_hands doctor_(arknights) dress dungeon_meshi elf facial_hair facing_viewer flying_sweatdrops food green_dress grey_hair hands_up highres holding holding_knife holding_tray hood hood_up hooded_coat horns kal'tsit_(arknights) knife laios_touden long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer marcille_donato medium_hair multiple_boys multiple_girls mustache notice_lines off_shoulder open_clothes open_coat open_mouth own_hands_together partially_translated pointy_ears rabbit_ears rabbit_girl ribbon-trimmed_hood ribbon_trim scribble senshi_(dungeon_meshi) short_hair smile sparkle squiggle stethoscope sweatdrop tearing_up translation_request tray vambraces white_apron
 1girl aubrey_(faraway)_(omori) aubrey_(omori) baseball_bat black_socks closed_mouth collarbone crop_top crying crying_with_eyes_open darmicy denim denim_skirt hairband highres holding holding_baseball_bat jacket long_hair looking_at_viewer nail nail_bat navel omori photo_(object) pink_hair scribble skirt socks solo tears white_jacket
 16personalities 1girl arms_up back box cable dark_room graph holographic_monitor indoors lab_coat long_hair long_sleeves monitor myers-briggs_type_indicator on_ground ponytail purple_hair screen_light scribble shiwoshizhida shoes shorts sitting solo wariza wire
 1boy androgynous animal_ear_hairband animal_ears arms_behind_back artist_name bishounen black_footwear black_leotard blonde_hair blush bound bound_arms brown_background closed_mouth crossdressing dungeons_&_dragons embarrassed fake_animal_ears hairband high_heels leotard long_hair male_focus male_playboy_bunny nat_the_lich nathaniel_(nat_the_lich) nipple_slip nipples original pectorals rabbit_ear_hairband rabbit_ears scribble simple_background solo straight_hair strapless strapless_leotard thighhighs thighs toned toned_male white_thighhighs

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